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Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Zuri Day Zuri Day · 4 Read & Download review Driving Heat Blue Collar Lover #1 Ky in love But those two worlds collide when Byron ends up in her office on business It's a coincidence that casts him in a very different light than she's previously seen Too bad he's not the upscale professional Cynthia had in mind Yet given the chance she might discover that while money can't buy happiness a loving and passionate man c. I loved Cynthia and Byron s love Journey It was touching and definitely drama filled And my goodness it was so funny mrs Carter this is the story of a well to do woman who meets the average Joe bus driver and they fall in love But you know there s drama all through it I love the story like a mofo LOL I m pretty sure you ll love the story I did 3

review Driving Heat Blue Collar Lover #1Driving Heat Blue Collar Lover #1

Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Zuri Day Zuri Day · 4 Read & Download review Driving Heat Blue Collar Lover #1 While not since he became a single dad to his beloved baby girl Besides he's found that most women can't see past his job as a bus driver and he's not interested in that type of superficial foolishness When he meets Cynthia Hall her disinterest is obvious Still there's something about herCynthia has been successful in her career and unluc. DNF It s a matter of taste for me here I really like her writing style but I didn t like how Byron talked to Cynthia I get that this is a blue collar series but this went a little far for me The writer went REALLY rough around the edges and simple minded with his character and it was neither funny nor charming for me Am I a posh princess reader Perhaps I was actually annoyed it didn t bother the heroine I understand this may be a purely personal preference for me but I wasn t sold on this one I will still read another Zuri Day book in the future And probably sooner than you think

Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Zuri Day

Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Zuri Day Zuri Day · 4 Read & Download review Driving Heat Blue Collar Lover #1 Day delivers a lively romance RT Book ReviewsThe Blue Collar Lover SeriesMeet the Carter brothers five hard working men with a lot to offer They may not be wealthy but they're rich in integrity and loyalty not to mention sex appeal They just need the right women to share their worldAt thirty eldest brother Byron hasn't dated seriously in a. All of this and Cynthia continued her time with Byron It was the most irrational defiant thing she d ever done yet she d never before felt so special and freeCynthia is a wealthy upper middle class very upper social worker She doesn t have to work but she does anyway She is also a single mother to an 8 year old son Jayden He is the result of an affair with a married man He s never met his piece of shit fatherWhen her car breaks down in Compton she s forced to take gasp public transportation which is where she meets the cocksure and playful Byron Carter a bus driver He is a single father of a 10 year old girl of whom he has primary custodyThey fall in loveThis book is very difficult to review and rate because it is such a blend of good and bad Let s start with the GOODTHE GOOD Day is great at writing in two voices We re always in the third person but both Cynthia and Byron have very distinct ways of speaking and thinking This is very hard for authors I have to give Day props here Day also discusses in the introduction to the book that she wanted to infuse the romance genre with some regular guys at the reuest of her readers and I have to say that this is an excellent idea She s calling this series The Blue Collar Lovers and I really like this The men I date and love in real life are certainly NOT the billionaires rich ranchers doctors lawyers and FBI agents which populate contemporary romance novels I would LOVE to read books about lawn maintenance workers retail workers construction workers farmers butchers plumbers and electricians These are the men I know and love and these are the men who are than capable of turning you outI actually sneer and am skeptical when I read about billionaires and rich men in romance novels Men who are born with everything and have everything and never have to work for anything they don t know the value of a dollar or the meaning of hard work or how to do jackshit are very much a turn off for me HUGE TURN OFF And yet this is what usually populates romanceI d rather read about a hard working lawn care worker with calloused hands struggling to make rent any day of the week Another amazing risk Day takes here is making Byron have a normal body He has a pooky tummy no 6 or 8 pack abs here His flabby little tummy isn t only mentioned once because Day is not a fucking wishy washy half asser She makes sure to mention it on multiple occasionsThe reason I mention this is because I cannot even count the number of times I read a book that promises me a fat heroine only to have her weight mentioned maybe ONCE in passing and then never ever brought up again so the readers don t have to think about a fat person against their will or something It s fucked up and lameNot that Byron is fat he s just what I consider typical Most guys have a bit of a stomach I would actual like to read romances that feature heavy guys I adore heavier guys mmmmm yummy but I guess people think bigger men are unattractive Sad I certainly don t Byron doesn t fall into what I would consider heavy territory he just has a bit of a dough boy stomach but still it was brave and bold of Day to put this in her novelYou rock Day She makes her hero Byron 5 9 It is SO RARE to see a man under 6 feet in romance novels Extra points for Day in making Byron shorter than the average hero Here s another one Byron has a six inch cock Yeah No monster cock here No will it fit here I loved seeing a realistically sized penis in the book and I praise Day s choice but on the other hand there were flaws with this For one thing every woman in the book acts as if Byron s penis is little It s thick but so shortWhat she d seen was totally not what she d expected One of the reasons she d decided to sleep with a non DHOP but would never admit to anyone other than herself is because of what Lisa had told her about men from the hood According to her they all had ten inch dicks tongues like a serpent and were freakier than a one legged dog riding a bicycle at the circus Since becoming sexually active only one of the four men with whom she d been intimate had come close to Lisa s description Jayden s father It s part of the reason that to get over him she had to leave the state Her college sweetheart and first love had been okay the one after that was slightly above mediocre but he was a DHOP a doctoral graduate at twenty six and her parents adored him and her most recent guy who couldn t handle the distance could rarely go the distance Premature ejaculation was the worst Thank God for oral or orgasm would never have been achieved But not only was he a DHOP who fit into her circle perfectly his parents were noted members of Tennessee s Black Bourgeouis or bur ghees as Lisa called them and he was a member of the coveted Sigma Pi Phi Her mother was furious when they d split There had been a horrible fight about it one of the many this motherdaughter duo had endured Cynthia had come precariously close to being disrespectful and telling her mother to go eff him herself and had run out of the room to prevent it from happeningThat day on the bus when she locked eyes with Byron and her body reacted she attributed part of the reason to what she imagined existed between his big legs When she turned and found him naked she d expected to see a chocolate ruler swinging like a pendulum or a mushroom tipped python that could almost be thrown over his shoulder Instead she gets a weenieI m like It s six inches Please get over yourself It annoyed me the way everyone acted as if this was really small This isn t pornwhispers in Carmen s earOkay okay it s a romance novel but it s not erotica and it s certainly not visual porn I m unclear as to why romance heroes have to have 11 inch dicks okayThis trait also led to a lot of laughter on my part because like his stomach Day can t just mention it and let go So you get sex scenes like this Because his plan his goal was simple to leave this girl turned out and thoroughly whipped to meet skin as smooth and bare as a baby No hair Damn I m going to tear this up Cynthia raised her body off the bed anxious for his tongue to be back on her skin his average sized penis to be inside herLOL LOL LOL I was dying of laughter Cynthia is a thin woman with B cups He d dated a skinny woman here and there but for the most part Byron liked his women thick and juicy The woman on top of him was uickly changing this preference Cynthia removed her pink lacy bra to reveal pert B cup charlies with berry dusted nips Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was Cynthia s difficult long and active struggle to resist becoming her mom who is an absolutely horrible person Her mom is a judgmental scheming looks down on anyone not making six figures meddling stuck up I could go on and on ANYWAY it s very interesting throughout the book to see Cynthia fight her mom s training and be a good kind forgiving personHere s a scene where she sees her son licking his fingers at the dinner table Cynthia began eating deciding to chill out on the etiuette tips and refrained from demanding he not only chew with his mouth closed but be still as well When her brother Jeff was Jayden s age he did the very same thing When she was Jayden s age her mother did the same thing to her critiue and instruct every gesture and movement She d hated it and even now was self conscious as a result She watched as he reached for a grape with his fingers and remembered her aversion to Byron licking his in public We are not in public baby Enjoy your food She wants to correct Byron s behavior Jayden s behavior her son and feels shame at her own behavior for stuff as simple as laughing out loud in public Her mom did a real number on her is what I m saying There was no pretty answer to this ugly truth and no discussing the eually regretful reason why Jayden had never met his father On the other hand Cynthia s world revolved around this little boy Even single raising him was a joy But she d give anything to go back in time and change the sperm donor Amazing how one short month could so irrevocably change one s life and affect many others Her parents brother godmother and one of her mother s good friends had all felt scandalized when she announced her pregnancy When the identity of the father was revealed leaving no doubt that marriage was off the table her cloak of heady accomplishments was replaced by a tattered shawl of shame Mortified and banished to upstate New York to have her child in secret she d danced with the idea of ending it all The only reason she didn t was sitting at the table picking up pieces of fruit with his fingersIn a way Byron s tendency to act silly and goofy even in public is a turn on for Cynthia She s only been with these uptight pretentious smarmy assholes and it s slightly shocking but also relieving for her to be around a man who is comfortable with who he is and what he does Byron often teases her by acting goofy in public or private and it always makes her smile These were cute scenes He gives her orgasms and even multiple orgasms a first for her I found this touching as her friend said Girl please don t tell me this is the first time that happened You ve already had a baby and are how many years oldYou wouldn t BELIEVE how many women have never had an orgasm NEVER HAD AN ORGASM I m talking about women in their 20s 30s 40s and beyond And men don t care they don t fucking care And I m like If he s not making you cum dump his ass and get with someone who will and they re all like But I can t leave him I ll never find anyone like him And I m like Girl you are LIVING WITHOUT ORGASMS Doesn t he care Doesn t he care you re not having fun in bed The sad thing is that if you ve never had one you don t have a clue what you are missing or what your friends are going on and on about And lots of women are too shy to masturbate so they ve never even given themselves oneIt s fucking sick this fucking woman hating culture Don t masturbate and breaking up with a man who doesn t give you orgasms is stupid What a hateful and completely damaging message Can you imagine A MAN living in an orgasm less relationship I think notSo I was seeing the truth Day was writing here Obviously Byron has been reading my reviews and taking notes But a real man doesn t take from a woman man It s the other way around A real man has too much pride to let a woman give him everything while he gives nothing back not even exclusive access to his dick He definitely wouldn t brag about it That s not a man Barry That s an assholeHe knows the difference between being a man and being a piece of shit The book is pretty on point with having realistic dating and two people slowly getting to know each other before falling in love No instalove here Byron is really good at listening to what Cynthia is saying being there for her giving her good advice and being a safe person for her to talk to He stands up to her he stand up to others he will come through and protect her whether it s from a predatory man or from her own mother LOL Each of the MC s children are normal children Not precocious not overly cutesy not precious beyond words Normal sometimes annoying sometimes sweet kids This is very rare It s very rare romance novelists write kids as actual kids and not plot devices to enhance sweetnessTHE UGLY THE SEXIt s terrible laugh out loud terrible He led this timeless dance of love with precision establishing a rhythmic beat with his hips a melody with his lipsIs this enough for you huh No answer just eyes back mouth slack His hips stopped mid motion I didn t hear youYes she eked out between pants She moved feverishly the spot he d branded missing its iron PleaseFor long minutes this continued until her panting became labored Though not a singer as this first orgasm began in her core and spiraled to her cranial her voice went from a guttural low tenor moan to a respectable High C sueak Some men would consider themselves finished after such a performance But for Byron Carter if there weren t multiple moments of ecstasy for his woman then he felt he wasn t doing his jobListening to her breathy mewling as her body twitched and muscles gripped his still hard rod he felt his own imminent climax begin to build Using discipline honed in the sixteen years he d been sexually active he stopped held himself against her as she relaxed beneath him And how about this Goose bumps appeared a seeming contradiction to the hot breath coming from his mouth or the way Cythia s body arched when he laved his tongue across the now pebbled protrusion before gently sucking it into his oral entrance Her body was his breakfast and he ate his fill turned her over and filled her up Moans grunts and heavy breaths replaced the bird s good morningSweet release was the dew that moistened their skin Again she began to tremble her voice repeating its earlier song eyes shut toes curled This time Byron joined her ground himself into her velvety softness as liuid love flowed from his soul to hers Penis Terms Used in This BookRodhis six inch supersexer his burgeoning manhood His soldier began to saluteHis hardening tool His instrumentHis totally magical pocket trumpetHis candy caneVulvaHer velvety softnessher freshly showered treasure her treasureVaginaHer voidSweet pot of honeyClitorisHer uivering pearlHer pulsating pearlCunnilingusHe devoured the flowerOral assaultLapping the nectar from her private paradiseKissingTheir lips met and it felt like clouds bumping into each other in a rainbow sky FingeringThe melody his fingers played in her music box They also have condomless sex one time Only once but I m like You re both single parents What are you doingTHE BAD Byron really rubbed me the wrong way sometimes He often prompted Cynthia to praise him which I find very annoying I also didn t like the way he acted during sex When they are going to have sex for the first time in a hotel he just But you can t go with me until you take off your clothes All of them he said over his shoulder walking to the bathroom in nothing but his boxers When I come back in here I want you in the bed buck nakedI was hoping for some mutual undressing and some soft words and some sweet sweet things to happen but he was just like Get naked and get in bed Aw this would make me feel sad inside no lie I would be a sad little CarmenAlso he doesn t snugglecuddle after sex Which completely is at odds with his normally hugging cuddling personality But he has this thing about leaving women wanting or something and he leaps out of bed immediately after sex It s annoying I want snuggles and cuddles after sex So does Cynthia And the fact that he s doing it in some misguided attempt to keep his woman panting for makes it even worse This never gets resolved BTW Another thing is that if I were Byron I would be very upset at how Cynthia was treating me She hides him away doesn t tell anyone about her relationship with him acts basically like she s ashamed of him When she takes him to a fancy party one time she makes him rent a tux get a manicure and cut his mini afro and THEN has the nerve to tell people he s a transportation director instead of a bus driver Luckily Byron has too much self respect for this shit and he immediately corrects her lies But I mean I would stop seeing someone who treated me like this He takes it in stride and is very patient with her Luckily this is a romance novel and she ends up seeing the error of her ways but in real life he would be the side piece until she got tired of him and married a very rich man who was a smarmy asshole He kind of harasses her when she gets on his bus during that first meeting Actually I thought he was acting like a creeper but I guess she found it charming and I was supposed to find it charming I found it rude and skeevy I hate being told to smile I hate that he tells her It s a good thing you re fine I ll allow you to stay on the bus and shit I mean maybe this passes for flirtingAnd he disrespectfully talks about loosening her up and getting her to drop her rigid demeanor through sex when they aren t even really dating yet and I found his insinuations to be disrespectful There s some horrible sentences in here like The ex high school and college football standout before a knee injury ended his promising career had his eyes on the TV screen but his mind was on the sexy woman who d brightened his bus He liked them chocolate but something about all that butterscotch beauty had him ready to change flavorsCome on That s very awkwardSIDE NOTEThis guy on the cover was pretty much exactly how I pictured Byron but that woman on the cover is very very far from who I was picturing Cynthia asTL DR Well This was such a mixed bag It was warm fresh funny and pretty realistic I loved that Day boldly wrote a hero who was 5 9 with a six inch cock and a doughboy stomach Major points I liked how she was able to clearly write two different voices and how she showed the two MCs struggles and bad sides However the sex was BEYOND TERRIBLE I mean really bad REALLY BAD And some of the writing was uestionableI would definitely read another book by Day although I know for a fact she isn t going to improve her sex writing any time soon But I enjoy reading about normal people and not the billionaires and CEOs who populate romance novels I appreciate what Day is trying to do