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  • Angel of Brooklyn
  • Janette Jenkins
  • English
  • 24 August 2019
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Angel of Brooklyn summary Ô 108 Nois with her father an amateur taxidermist and her brother a preacher although she will take the story of how she became the Angel of Brooklyn to her graveBut when the men head off to fight in the Great War the glamorous newcomer slowly becomes an object of suspicion and jealousy for the women who ar. I found this book to be wonderfully evocative of a by gone era The Coney Island depicted was so real that I was easily transported there The same with war time little England complete with the xenophobia Additionally brought out so well I think was the transformation that is capable within each of us to do things that otherwise would seem inconceivable

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Angel of Brooklyn summary Ô 108 It is January 1914 and Jonathan Crane returns home from his travels with a new American bride former Coney Island showgirl Beatrice In the remote Lancashire village Beatrice is the focus of attention the men captivated by her beauty the women initially charmed by tales of her upbringing in Normal Illi. Three and a half really This book has a wonderful opening A week before they killed her Beatrice told them about the dead birds This is a most unusual book juxtaposing Beatrice s life as a wife left behind by the First World War in a suspicious Lancashire village with her earlier life growing up with her dysfunctional family in Normal Illinois followed by young adulthood in Brooklyn and among the fairground life of Coney Island This is a story about secrets and it s Beatrice s biggest secret such an unusual one that finally leads to her demise All the settings of the book are real and vibrant the knitting war wives in Anglezarke Lancashire with all their suspicions about foreigners the brashness and friendliness of alien Coney Island the methodist hotel in Brooklyn and the wonderful gothic upbringing with her taxidermist father and trainee preacher brother I must say I found the structure a bit of a challenge the Lancashire narrative alternates with the back story and some chapters are just a series of flashes some funny some telling some heartbreaking Yes I think I enjoyed it and I d recommend it to those of you who don t mind the slightly unusual structure think I m ready for a young adult simple read for my next one though

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Angel of Brooklyn summary Ô 108 E left behind and as the years pass and their resentment grows Beatrice's secret proves to be her undoingBeautifully observed tragic funny and so evocative that you can taste the candy floss at Coney Island and feel the chill of wartime England Angel of Brooklyn is an extraordinary heartbreaking story. I really liked this book until the last few pages which completely the rest of the story for me