The Coroners Daughter E–book/E–pub

  • Hardcover
  • 304
  • The Coroners Daughter
  • Andrew Hughes
  • English
  • 08 February 2018
  • 9781681774114

Andrew Hughes ¶ 4 review

The Coroners Daughter Free download ↠ 104 Andrew Hughes ¶ 4 review Er by chance discovers a message from the maid’s seducer she sets out to discover the truthAn only child Abigail has been raised amid the books and instruments of her father’s grim profession and he in turn indulges her curious and critical mind Now she must push against the restrictions society places on a girl her age to pursue an increasingly dangerous investigation Abigail. The Year Without a Summer 1816 attributed to the eruption of a volcano in the Dutch East Indies provides a properly gloomy and unusual weather setting for Andrew Hughes brilliant The Coroner s DaughterAbigail Lawless the coroner s precocious daughter early on in the novel becomes curious about a young nursemaid accused of murdering her newborn baby Her curiosity reveals the identity of the child s father leads to the murder of the servant initially adjudged a suicide and sets in motion a chain of events which put Abby and Ewan her father s assistant in mortal danger Overall hangs the brooding presence of the Brethren a strict new religious sectAside from the mystery which is paramount to the story I enjoyed Abigail s interest in science her theory about the cause of the dismal weather which upsets both staid scientists and dour religious types her humor her adventuresome nature and her eual delight in ordinary feminine pursuits Her growing relationship with Ewan provides a bit of romance to relieve the grim aspects of the taleHughes presents a canvas with likeable realistic characters a glimpse into early 19th century Dublin a gripping plot that kept me turning pages and a satisfying conclusion

Summary The Coroners Daughter

The Coroners Daughter

The Coroners Daughter Free download ↠ 104 Andrew Hughes ¶ 4 review Dublin 1816 A young nursemaid conceals a pregnancy and then murders her newborn in the home of the Neshams a prominent family in a radical Christian sect known as the Brethren Rumors swirl about the identity of the child’s father but before an inuest can be held the maid is found dead after an apparent suicide When Abigail Lawless the eighteen year old daughter of the city coron. Excellent historical mystery set in 1816 Dublin You read that correctly we re not in England any HoorayOur heroine Abigail Lawless is bright curious and determined to get to the bottom of several cases her father has been involved with Her investigations put her in harm s way as well as worry her father When her father s assistant Ewan Weir asks her why she feels she must do everything alone she replies Because no one offers help They insist that I stay where I belongHer father alternates between being uite proud of her interest in his work isn t she clever and being appalled that she is interested it isn t ladylikeThe mystery of who killed disgraced housemaid Emilie is uite twisty I was surprised at the identity of the big baddie I did not see that comingIn addition to the good mystery and the well defined main characters the author also gives us a vivid picture of the year with no summer He presents us with several of the arguments circulating in scientific journals re the cause of the strange weather Sunspots Volcanic eruption We get informal weather reports as Abigail and her friend Clarissa stroll through the parks as Abigail and Ewan watch the fall of colored snow as the fireplaces are kept lit in AugustRight now this appears to be a stand alone novel Which is certainly fine all the various mystery threads are neatly tied up at the end of the book But I want to see of Abigail Ewan and her father the coroner I liked them a lot

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The Coroners Daughter Free download ↠ 104 Andrew Hughes ¶ 4 review ’s searches begin to uncover the well guarded secrets of two factions the Christian Brethren and a burgeoning rationalist community drawing the attention of a sinister figure who emerges in fleeting glimpses and second hand reports the man with the lazy eyeDetermined resourceful and intuitive Abigail Lawless emerges as a young lady sleuth operating at the dawn of forensic scienc. Awesome historical fiction I loved Abigail her courage humor and empathy make her unforgettable Hope Andrew Hughes brings her back for a seuel