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Fergus Hume ↠ 8 Read & download The Mystery of a Hansom Cab Download Æ 8 E unlikely first literary product of a young barrister's clerk and uickly rose from its obscure initial publication to become one of the 19th century's bestselling detective novels Reputed to have inspired the creation of Sherlock Holmes this ingeniously plotted fast paced and engrossing tale remains a delight for lovers of Victorian mysteries. If asked to name the bestselling mystery novel of the 19th century most people would probably suggest something by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle possibly The Hound of the Baskervilles In fact the biggest selling 19th century mystery novel was Fergus Hume s The Mystery of a Hansom Cab Hume was born in England but brought up in New Zealand and was living in Australia when he wrote the book The book is set in Melbourne He went on to write a further 131 crime novelsThe book opens with a cabby discovering a dead man identity unknown in his hansom cab Police investigations soon establish the victim s identity and circumstantial evidence points towards a wealthy young suatter Brian Fitzgerald It soon becomes clear that Fitzgerald is hiding something and is prepared to face the hangman s noose rather than reveal the secret By modern standards I d describe it as a crime melodrama There are gentlemen declaring their intention to die rather than put a lady s honour at risk There are dreadful family secrets There are surprise witnesses There is a convoluted plot involving some unlikely coincidences The final resolution is suspiciously neat It s all very breathless On the other hand Hume does introduce enough twists to maintain the reader s interest and the book is uite entertaining One interesting feature is that both the detectives involved in the case are police detectives rather than amateur sleuths and both police officers are shown to be intelligent and efficient and very professional The Mystery of a Hansom Cab was immensely influential at the time and was a worldwide bestseller Conan Doyle is known to have read it It s essential reading if you have a taste for Victorian and Edwardian detective stories

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The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

Fergus Hume ↠ 8 Read & download The Mystery of a Hansom Cab Download Æ 8 Reets of the Australian metropolis The solution lies within a labyrinth of dark secrets missing papers evasive witnesses and a deadly game of blackmailEver since the publication of this 1886 mystery the two wheeled carriage known as a hansom cab has been linked in the popular imagination with sinister affairs The Mystery of a Hansom Cab was th. Malcolm Royston a cabman was driving in Collins Street East Melbourne at 1am on the 27th July 18 when he was hailed by a gentleman who appeared to be supporting another man presumably under the influence of too much liuor When he pulled over he was told to take the gentleman home as he was awfully tight He stated that he had found the man slumped by a lamp post and though he didn t know him thought he d send him safely home But suddenly the good Samaritan appeared to recognise the drunken man and allowing him to slump to the ground rushed off in disgustRousing him with difficulty Royston finally managed to make out that the man wanted to go to St Kilda after navigating him into his cab which turned out to be a bit of a struggle he was about to drive off when the original man returned He declared he would see the drunk home after all and entered the cab seating himself next to the gentleman Royston then proceeded to head for St Kilda But a little later Royston found himself heading to the Police Station the following investigation had the police convinced they had found their murderer the ease of the arrest thrilled the investigative officer Mr Gorby immensely Mr Calton on the other hand wasn t so convinced his investigation was intense and thorough What would he find How would the lives of the participating players of this drama be affectedWhat an entertaining mystery Written back in the 1880s it covers everything needed for a good mystery with a number of characters eccentric and otherwise It was a little tedious to read at times but I suppose that might have to do with the time it was written For anyone who would like a glimpse into Australia s past especially Melbourne s inhabitants of the 1800s this could interest you a lot

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Fergus Hume ↠ 8 Read & download The Mystery of a Hansom Cab Download Æ 8 In the dead of night on a lonely Melbourne street a cabbie discovers to his horror that his drunken passenger has been murdered poisoned with a chloroform saturated handkerchief The killer his motive and even the victim's identity are unknown The last person to be seen in the victim's company cannot be identified and has vanished into the st. I would have known nothing about this novel and its author had it not been for listening to an interview with the author of this book The interview left me intrigued At the time I was about to spend a weekend in Melbourne so downloading the work which is well and truly in the public domain seemed like a good idea The fact that it took me uite a few weeks to read even though it s a relatively short work is an indication that I found it less than compelling However there wasn t a time when I considered abandoning it The backstory of the author the fact that the novel was a 19th century bestseller that out sold Conan Doyle s first work and its setting in a city I know all made me push through As the title suggests this is a whodunnit There s a murder a police officer or two a falsely accused hero a loyal heroine and some shady characters from the Melbourne underworld It has the reuisite number of red herrings some rather stilted dialogue and a resolution that can t really be worked out from clues in the narrative Crime fiction fans with an interest in the beginnings of the genre will be interested in this work than others It s not really something for the casual reader