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  • Hardcover
  • 277
  • Powerless
  • Matthew Cody
  • English
  • 14 June 2020
  • 9780375855955

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Powerless Summary Ô 108 Read Powerless Superheroes soar in this promising debut and they’re kidsTwelve year old Daniel the new kid in town soon learns the truth about his nice but odd new friends one can fly another can turn invisible yet another controls electricity Incredible The superkids use their powers to secretly do good in the town but they?. Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToocomDaniel can t help noticing some of the kids in his new town are a little unusual The girl across the street sometimes moves faster than he can see The school bully can throw kids twelve feet in the air And his classmate Eric always seems to know where there s troubleAfter a near fatal fall Daniel s friends let him in on their secret they have superpowers It s been happening in the town for generations a fact carefully kept secret thanks to a series of rules including the one that none of them likes to think about it ends at thirteen When the superkids reach their thirteenth birthdays the next morning they have lost their powers and forgotten they ever had themDaniel can t help but feel something isn t right about this But his investigations into the mystery of the superpowers will put both him and his friends in danger and uncover a history he never could have imaginedPOWERLESS is a fun fast paced read with a courageous and likable main character in Daniel It s refreshing to read a story in which the protagonist isn t the super special one and Daniel proves that you don t need superpowers to be a hero The supporting characters are uirky but have depth as well and the villain is effectively creepy The twists along the way will keep readers guessing right up until the end The end itself is satisfying but leaves a few uestions unansweredThis reviewer hopes there is a seuel in Daniel s future Highly recommended

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Powerless Summary Ô 108 Read Powerless Hnny Noble the green flamed Witch Fire a hidden Shroud cave and possibly unbelievably “powerless” regular kid Daniel himselfSuperhero kids meet comic book mystery in this action filled debut about the true meaning of a heroBook Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 10272009 Pages Reading Level Age 10 and U. Pretty good The idea of losing your memory along with your powers was pretty interesting Also to future me Since I finished this book I finished all the BOB books It was very painful reading boring all the BOB books but I made it Now I can finally read what I want to read The entire list took me 4 months

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Powerless Summary Ô 108 Read Powerless ?re haunted by the fact that the moment they turn thirteen their abilities will disappear along with any memory that they ever had them Is a memory stealing supervillain sapping their powersThe answers lie in a long ago meteor strike a World War II–era comic book Fantastic Futures starring the first superhero Jo. Of all the books I read in the year of 2017 the best book I read was Powerless by Matthew Cody There were many other great books like All the Answers by Kate Messner The Maze Runner by James Dashner Framed by James Ponti and so many others However Powerless alone stood out to me The book Powerless by Matthew Cody is about a 12 year old boy Daniel who just into Noble s Green Rather than being a perfectly normal town Noble s Green turned out to hold people all under the age of 13 who could conduct electricity fly turn invisible etc These people came to be Michael s friends However after these superkids turn 13 their powers are gone and their memories are wiped No one knows why but when Daniel arrives in the town the truth is revealed This book was full of action and was a very fun book to read I enjoyed it a lot and am planning to read the next two books in the series Super and Villainous Overall this book was the best book I read in 2017 was Powerless