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Flourishing Free read ç 6 John R. Ehrenfeld ☆ 6 Read & Download review Flourishing Tory driven by being and caring as opposed to having and needing rooted in the beauty of complexity and arguing for the transformative cultural shift that we can make based on our collective wisdom and lived experiences Then the authors sketch out the road to a flourishing future a change in our consumption and a new approach to understanding and actingThere is no middle ground; without a sea change at the most basic level we will continue to head down a faulty path Indeed this book is a clarion call to action Candid and insightful it leaves readers with cautious ho. A totally different outlook on environmental sustainability or rightfully put flourishingA transformative perspective on consumerism and how increasing growth harms the entire world It is a wonderful revelation into the concept of responsible consumption through a transformation in our buying culture or behavior We essentially have to think really if we need what we want

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Flourishing Free read ç 6 John R. Ehrenfeld ☆ 6 Read & Download review Flourishing D economic machines that dominate our lives First our collective model of the way the world works cannot cope with the inherent complexity of today's highly connected high speed reality Second our understanding of human behavior is rooted in this outdated model Driven by the old guard sustainability has become little than a fashionable idea As a result both business and government are following the wrong path at best applying temporary less unsustainable solutions that will fail to leave future generations in better shapeTo shift the pendulum this book tells a new s. Some memorabiliaHe stresses that sustainability needs to avoid becoming just another thing to measure and manage and vociferously argues against sustainability ratings of companies and products mocking the idea that sustainability can be captured by a numerical score as if this is some kind of contest For John it is simply not that simple page 6John defines sustainability as the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on the Earth forever page 7The positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi defines flow a condition of being completely involved in an activity for its own sake The ego falls away Time flies Every action movement or thought follows inevitably from the previous one like playing jazz Your whole being is involved and you re using your skills to the utmost How can we reach this state of flourishing page 18The traditional concept of poverty is limited and restricted since it refers exclusively to the economic predicaments of people who live below a certain income threshold Instead we should speak of poverties page 31The Green philosopher Heraclitus said that you cannot step in the same river twice page 40I m an atheist and a modest practitioner of Judaism I see my religion as a guide for living I do this without a belief in god and that works well for me and for a lot of other people I can find spiritual sustenance in my Judaism without the necessity of a transcendent God page 45Sustainability as flourishing without love is not possible If we do not operate from love acceptance and Care we will continue to dominate others and the world as we do now with all the negative conseuences we call unsustainability page 89Sacredness for me represents an enhanced consciousness one that is based on something connected to spirituality I define sacred without straying into conventional religious notions page 106

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Flourishing Free read ç 6 John R. Ehrenfeld ☆ 6 Read & Download review Flourishing Flourishing A Frank Conversation about Sustainability invites you into a conversation between a teacher John R Ehrenfeld and his former student now professor Andrew J Hoffman as they discuss how to create a sustainable world Unlike virtually all other books about sustainability this one goes beyond the typical stories that we tell ourselves about repairing the environmental damages of human progressThrough their dialogue and essays that open each section the authors uncover two core facets of our culture that drive the unsustainable unsatisfying and unfair social an. This book by my PhD advisor Andy and his professor leads me to better understand my dissatisfaction with efforts toward sustainability especially in recent years I see all of the green building rating systems and then in my email I see all of the training sessions and other business opportunities to use green building to profit The disguise is doing something better for the environment In this book however John Ehrenfeld pushes past the uantitative metrics of the Brundtland commission s definition of needs to ask what makes life worthwhilePersonally I m looking to understand how I can be interested in sustainability yet head to the racetrack and burn leaded oil soaked fuel in my two stroke motorcycle What explains this disconnect It has everything to do with a the physical experience and b the family of the racetrack Both of these would continue to draw me even if we could swap out our machines for those that consumed no resources and even cleaned the air and water So it is important to recognize 1 the essentially social nature of our existence that can still not be uantified to mean something to others and 2 the Being in the world that includes the body rather than the constant digital only in the mind experiences To ride my bicycle to race my motorcycle to participate in yoga go for a hike even to walk to class these are the pragmatic mechanics of Being that this book does not address but that I add to the first point of social connection and intimately link it to Being in the world since it can only happen through the bodyThe previous paragraph describes how the book is a touchstone for me but for others it may work in different ways particularly those in the B school and business world It is crucial to reflect on this book both as a personal analysis of how can I move the world towards Flourishing but also as a professional analysis of what can be done in the day job in those you influence As professors we can enact the leadership that Ehrenfeld calls for by first caring for our students and secondly inspiring them to live with the hope of a possibility for flourishing