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review Ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Mark Kenyon Mark Kenyon Ò 6 Download That Wild Country Free read ì 6 Yon set out to explore the spaces involved in this heated debate and learn firsthand how they came to be and what their future might holdPart travelogue and part historical examination That Wild Country invites readers on an intimate tour of the wondrous wild and public places that are a uniuely profound and endangered part of the American landscap. DNF at page 89 plus some skipping around Just too much travelogue and not enough public land information Kenyon a hunter and outdoor enthusiast from Michigan argues in support of federally owned public lands Unfortunately he seems to lump anyone who doesn t espouse his view in with Cliven Bundy and his radical followers without delving into what most Westerners actually think Growing up in Utah I heard the arguments from both sides Most do not disagree with protecting land but are resentful of Eastern politicians locking up Western land simply for environmentalpolitical points Obama or to enhance their legacy Clinton Pronouncements are never made with local input but are done by political expediency And Kenyon seems oblivious to the troubles such land designations cause for those who live there such as the crowds litter and noise he complains about on his brief trip to Moab UT not to mention that few tourism jobs pay well or that Nat l Parks are woefully underfunded Instead we read pages and pages of his driving where he can t get a spot in crowded campgrounds and trying to figure out how to dump the sewage from his campertrailer For the most part I agree with his view of the value of public lands but the lack of balance and excess of travelogue was just disappointing

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review Ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Mark Kenyon Mark Kenyon Ò 6 Download That Wild Country Free read ì 6 Ean air and water and a haven for recreationSince its inception however America’s public land system has been embroiled in controversy caught in the push and pull between the desire to develop the valuable resources the land holds or conserve them Alarmed by rising tensions over the use of these lands hunter angler and outdoor enthusiast Mark Ken. Wow This is a wonderful book extolling the beauty of our public lands and advocating passionately for all of us to protect our incredible heritage so carefully preserved over than a century It is filled with detail about the evolution of the Public Lands preservation movement and the current horrific assault by some rapacious corporations and politicians to privatize exploit and to sell to developers our incredible natural legacy The author is an avid outdoorsman a hunter of meat to feed his family and also a hiker and backwoods camper who loves the serenity and beauty of wild habitat Admittedly I am uncomfortable with the occasional brief description of a hunt I am a vegetarian leaning toward vegan yet I unuestionably have an admiration for this man who writes so beautifully about his forays into the wilderness and advocates so elouently for everyone to join together to protect our public lands The author presents a clear case for people of all backgrounds and beliefs to join together to preserve our common heritage of public lands for future generations Highly recommended

review Ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Mark Kenyon

review Ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Mark Kenyon Mark Kenyon Ò 6 Download That Wild Country Free read ì 6 From prominent outdoorsman and nature writer Mark Kenyon comes an engrossing reflection on the past and future battles over our most revered landscapes America’s public lands Every American is a public land owner inheritor to the largest public land trust in the world These vast expanses provide a home to wildlife populations a vital source of cl. This is an elegy for our public lands in America that are slowly being consumedTrashGraffitiInfluencersEncroachmentIn many ways we are loving our public lands to death We are desperate to prove that we did something or that we went somewhere that we disregard nature for our own desires We stray from the paths that keep the lands safe We trample poppies and climb fences Public lands are suffering from this and changingThis book is a remembrance of what escapism is all about What it is for The lands are for getting away not for your next post This book dives into the history of why public lands are so cherished and necessary in the United States and how the author likes to use them He emphasizes that even in this crazy digital world we are in it is possible to disconnect completelyI like the idea of being able to remove myself from the modern and reconnect to the past and to nature It is so difficult to do but I believe that it is necessary for the soulWe need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope Edward Abbey