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Summary The Big Rock Candy Mountain Free read ã The Big Rock Candy Mountain ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free download ¹ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Wallace Stegner Dakota 1905 La jeune Elsa a fui les plaines du Minnesota dans l’espoir de fonder un foyer Lorsu’elle rencontre Bo Mason bourlingueur en uête d’aventures et de fortune elle voit en lui la promesse d’un monde nouveau Elle n’i. Reading Wallace Stegner is like having a really great first boyfriend He ruins you for anyone who comes later Sometimes he s so good that you don t even want anyone after him The Big Rock Candy Mountain is the book that should have won Stegner the Pulitzer Prize long before he wrote Angle of Repose I ve read commentary indicating that Big Rock Candy Mountain is largely autobiographical If that is true my heart aches for the little boy that was Wallace Stegner Perhaps those early painful experiences were what made him the soulful and understanding author we loveStegner is the conductor for the music of my heart Maybe someday I ll figure out how to write reviews that adeuately convey what he does for me

Summary The Big Rock Candy Mountain

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Summary The Big Rock Candy Mountain Free read ã The Big Rock Candy Mountain ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free download ¹ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Wallace Stegner ?sentent à lui entraînant les siens dans sa poursuite effrénée d’un horizon ui semble se dérober au fur et à mesure u’il s’en approche Et pendant ce temps là l’Amériue continue à se construire et à charrier des mythe. He had a notion where home would turn out to be for himself as for his father over the next range on the Big Rock Candy Mountain that place of impossible loveliness that had pulled the whole nation westward the place where the fat land sweated up wealth and the heavens dropped lemonade Imagine taking the painful childhood you remember and turning it into a work of art such as this Using a good patient gentle mother and a violent ruthless father determined to bully the world into giving him what he wanted to show the value of the American spirit Writing about an older brother with so much promise who could never uite get it together Relating your own growth as a whining sensitive undersized boy who had to search inside himself for strength and endurance And showing us 30 years in the life of a family in the first half of the 20th century in the beautiful prose that foreshadowed his later works The book jacket says this is semi autobiographical but an internet search convinced me that it followed his own young life pretty accurately How do you take all that raw material and mold it into something like thisThis was published in 1943 when Stegner was 34 years old Though not his first novel it was the first successful one Yes it s dense and yes it s too long though I m not sure what he could have left out With Stegner you never know where you re going til you get there but he makes the journey memorableThis is a family saga that is worth the effort it takes with both your time and emotional output

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Summary The Big Rock Candy Mountain Free read ã The Big Rock Candy Mountain ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free download ¹ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Wallace Stegner Magine pas la vie à lauelle les désirs de grandeur de Bo les destinent Saloons clandestins conuête de la terre mine d’or trafic d’alcool Bo Mason héros américain par excellence se réinvente au fil des opportunités ui se pr?. The story of Bo Mason and Else He is a talented dreamer with a large dose of wanderlust who works hard at his dreams but seems to always see them drift away She is an escapee from an unhappy home who is smitten with Bo as an 18 year old Marriage ensues children and hardship This is a great American saga covering the main characters from adolescence to old age It gives us a look at western North America US and Canada at the end of the 19th century into the mid 20th There are times when the language is so beautiful that it called to mind Thomas Hardy and I wept through the final chapter The Mason children figure large in this story as well Bo stands in for America in a way He has so much to offer yet instead of building in a slow and steady is ever torn by un unuenchable need for the new He is also always on the lookout for the big score and ultimately it never comes Else loves Bo despite his inability to settle down despite his harshness his immaturity Bo s vibrance however flawed stands out Else must sacrifice her desire for a settled life again and again as Bo is drawn ever onward She stands in for the domestic piece of America Their sons diverge as well Chet carries his father s athleticism but also his stubbornness and inability to admit error It ultimately takes him away from his dreams Perhaps the most American is Bruce the mama s boy who ultimately strikes off on his own to make a truly better life