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free read Touchdown (Pass to Win, #1) 100 Was the cheerleader I always wanted by my side But man she could be so stuck up sometimes That was until our friends locked us up in the dorm and wouldn’t let us leave til we sorted things out I have no idea what will happen next This is a full length bad boy sports novel with NO cliffhanger NO cheating and a happily ever after For a limited time includes the full length novel Tempting Me A Bad Boy Romance. I liked this story it was a sweet YA romance College is not easy but when you have the right friends it makes it that much tolerable You ve got the rich kids and those kids on scholarship aka poor I thought it was cute how the main characters were shy but yet loved playing jokes on each other Just another variation of he pulled my hair I thought this book was a uick clean read I would defiantly recommend this book for a uick read on a sunny warm beach day It is hopeful college romance with a happy endingI received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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free read Touchdown (Pass to Win, #1) 100 Sired But we are about to graduate and go our separate ways What am I going to do Martin I’ve always loved her but I’m poorer than she knows Playing my last year in college as the star uarterback people thought I was it was bittersweet I hope I get drafted into the NFL to be able to help pay my family back for all they’ve done and get them out of that trailer But that would mean being far from Alexa She. Such a cute love story A very well written book with great character developmentThis story begins at Princeton with a college cheerleader Alexa and a college uarterback Martin Well they have both had eyes for each other but come from way different worlds Alexa comes from money and when I say she comes from money I mean her freakin mom is trying to arrange a marriage so she marries a rich man whether she likes it or not Martin he got a glimpse of that life when his father was a Super bowl champ but his father lost it all and Martin and his parents struggle These two can t see eye to eye and have been fighting it for years Until a drunken confession and some concerned friends take matters into their own hands But will Alexa s parents ever be ok with her dating a man below her social status And if not can she make it in the real world with no moneyI love Martin from the very beginning He is everything you think of wanting in a man Alexa not so much but I am not from a rich family so maybe I just don t understand that lifestyle but what I do love is how she finally evolves This is such a happy love story but I kind of wish there would have been some type of struggle BUT this book will have you smiling the entire time And at one point they say that her dad and his mom should get together and I agree 100% I was sad when the end came and it was all summed up in a chapter I wasn t ready for it to be overI received this book as an ARC from the author herself and in return I gave my honest review

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free read Touchdown (Pass to Win, #1) 100 The biggest touchdown of your life Alexa I hate him but I want him I hate the emotional blackmail that my mom gives me for not being with Sebastian the guy my mom wanted me to marry I never wanted him But if I don’t my mom will end her relationship with me I am only interested in the uarterback who I cheered for on the sidelines even though I hate his guts Regardless I can’t deny what my body and heart de. Touchdown A Bad Boy Sports romance garners 4 stars from meOur two main characters Alexa and Martin are in their senior year at Princeton but their backrounds could not be any differentAlexa is the only hold of a wealthy up crust family and lacks for nothing well she does lack for her parents attention and support for her choices Alexa s father who made his money in the tech Industry and was not born into itis much supportive of her choices than her mother Alexas mother came from a socialite family and expects Alexa to conform to what she believes is correctMarry wealthy come to tolerate or care for each other have a child or two and spend your days gossiping and planning fund raising events for the needy The very same needy that you donor want to associate with Alexa may have plenty of money and anything she wants but her desire to go to college has gone unsupported her desire to play sports shot down luckily her mother allowed her gymnastics and cheer and that only because in her mother s eyes you have to be beautiful to be a cheerleader So when her parents come to visit her and ring the son of a long standing family friends Sebastion a young man she has already told her mother she was my intrested in but apparently has not gotten through her mom s thick controlling head she finds herself being proposed to in the middle of a restaurant But when Alexa does not fall in line with her mother s plans by running from Sebastion and the restaurant after saying no Alexa finds herself cut offMartin is the star uarterback for the Princeton Football team and has had a rush on Alexasince he met her as a freshman but knows he will never fit in with her lifestyle never be good enough He only has his mother his father lives in a rehab facility a former football player himself who did not handle fame and fortune well he became an alcoholic and lost everything Leaving his mother to raise him alone and work hard They do not have half of what Alex and her family does Martin is hoping to be drafted first round with a could contract into the NFl but fears even that would not meet with Alexa or her parents standardsThe whole time Alexa has like Martin but fears getting involved with him because of how her parents may treat him However now that shehas finally stood up for herself and has no true expectations of reconciling with them only hope the thought of Martin and giving a relationship with him a try but still uestions itFinally after a party one night Alexa and Martins freind Sasha and Reg locked them in his dorm room until they worked it out best thing their friends could of ever done for them These two finally Talk through everything and start on a path of a sweet romance Can these two survive through there differences Will they find themselves going their separate ways after graduation At Graciuosly supplied by author for an honest review