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  • 03 October 2020
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Summary Metes and Bounds A Novel 107 Rth Carolina's Outer Banks The novel follows Matt as he leaves home after his high school graduation to work for his uncle a land surveyor Matt's story of. Finished reading fourth time An exceptional book

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Summary Metes and Bounds A Novel 107 In this unusual coming of age novel author Jay uinn surveys the expanding emotional and sexual boundaries of Matt an eighteen year old surfer in coastal No. This story is about Matt a young 1718 year old who is trying to figure himself out His dad helps him get away from their horrible family and sends him off to live with his cousin Tiger This is not told chronologically There s uite a bit of back and forth from the current timeline to Matt remember his last year of high school and the year after living with Tiger Even I got lost a time or two and this story structure doesn t usually bother me so this could be a turnoff for readers who don t like time jumpingWhat worked for me was Matt s honesty with himself and his experiences and how he saw the world and himself in it He experiences his first love his first heartbreak some very bad rebound decisions and eventual acceptance of what it means to grow up all while trying to crack the mystery that is his cousin who is also gay and something of the family scandal There s also Tiger s boyfriend Mark his son Shane and Shane s best friend Billy They make an unexpected but amazing instant family Billy reminded me of some of my brother s friends who seemed to be living at our house during the summer and never went home It didn t make sense to me at the time but now I wonder what their home lives must ve been like that they thought our house was preferable This was a lot less wordy than the other books by uinn I ve read There were no extraneous details which helped the story flow smoothly time jumps aside And unfortunate name choices aside I m so glad I was able to replace that godawful name for the cousin not brother from Tiger to Tony My first kitty was named Tiger and he went missing It was devastating But once I was able to change the name it went much smoothly I was even able to live with Jeep when he showed up later Really what is up with these names POriginal review 8419DNF 3%The brother is named Tiger I can t Edit YAY I finally figured out how to edit in Calibre and was able to replace that name It s back on the TBR

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Summary Metes and Bounds A Novel 107 Claiming his place as a surfer and as a gay man in the small and large world of construction sites fishing piers and surf breaks is a triumph of storytelli. Relatable idea Ending was a bit of hanging but okay