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  • Hardcover
  • 320
  • Radio Freefall
  • Matthew Jarpe
  • English
  • 18 November 2018
  • 9780765317841

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Radio Freefall review ☆ 104 Matthew Jarpe ´ 4 review Read Radio Freefall In the tradition of Robert A Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress but with a healthy dose of cyberpunk Radio Freefall is about a plot to take over the Earth by power mad sociopathic computer geek billionaire Walter Cheeseman It's up to a strange cast of rock stars a. 3 out of 5 starsI stumbled upon Radio Freefall by Matthew Jarpe at the library recently It isn t a new release I hadn t been familiar with the author and I can t recall ever hearing about the novel So naturally I checked it out immediately knowing nothing but what the flap copy said this this was a cyberpunk story with rock and roll AIs and technology And you know what It was a lot of funThere is a lot going on in Radio Freefall It is the story of an Earth coming together under one government of political unrest of billionaires controlling everyone and everything they can sentient computer viruses and autonomous AIs It is also the story of a musician finally getting the fame he deserves of a new band shooting towards stardom and of learning to trust I loved reading about Aualung and the success of the band I also loved reading about the AIs Digital Carnivore and WebCense s takeover And I loved when these two seemingly separate plots wove togetherThese many threads start out as several separate plot lines with the narrative switching between Aualung and uin especially in the beginning of the novel However all of these threads come together to weave a complex tale of music technology and politics Our main characters are not saints though Despite being extraordinarily gifted at their respective careers both have their flaws uin is paranoid Aualung is slow to trust and uncomfortable giving out advice to his younger band mates even when the advice is looked forThe novel was a fun read The Freefall technology was interesting The concept of a world government coming together was fun to read about and would probably appeal to fans of Malka Older s Centennal Cycle series The AIs their autonomy and subculture was also fascinating Some of the world building could have been fleshed out a bit For all of the AIs in the story we don t know much about them or their culture Walter Cheeseman head of WebCense seems to have no motives for his actions other than greed and feels a bit two dimensionalWhile the conclusion left little to the imagination wrapping all the threads of the story together uite nicely it did feel just a little rushed We learn what happens to Aualung and the rest of his band members through a news article not through the dialogue or prose that comprised the majority of the rest of the novel This certainly provided proper closure to multiple character s story lines but it created a certain distance that wasn t present in the rest of the novelDespite this Radio Freefall was a fun read overall I enjoyed my time with this book and would definitely read books by Matthew Jarpe If you like cyberpunk or rock and roll I would suggest giving this book a readThis review can be originally found on Looking Glass Reads

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Radio Freefall review ☆ 104 Matthew Jarpe ´ 4 review Read Radio Freefall And then something like the Singularity happens but no one is uite sure This is a novel of cyberpunk and rock and roll of technology artificial intelligence and wild riffs off of Heinlein all mixed into an explosive debut Matthew Jarpe launches his SF career with a ba. The author is a former student of my advisor s as can be told by a number of biological chemistry references in the story such as the hit band Sex Lethal a famous gene in sex determination in Drosophila or the evil corporation LDL low density lipoprotein collouially known as bad cholesterolPleasant enough to read if you like science fiction but best not scrutinize the plot too carefully

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Radio Freefall review ☆ 104 Matthew Jarpe ´ 4 review Read Radio Freefall Nd oddballs to stop him Aualung a mysterious blues musician who also has superhuman tech skills might be the catalyst for the resistance or he might just be the pawn of artificial intelligences To thwart the takeover the orbitals and the moon colonies secede from Earth. Jarpe Matthew Radio Freefall Tor 2007Matthew Jarpe seems to have passed up a promising start as a science fiction author for a no doubt lucrative job in the straight world but Radio Freefall gives us a good hint at what we are missing In a near future world a number of AIs have become sentient as has a virus that has infected almost every chip on the planet Corporate bigwigs want control and to get it they have to track down the hackers who originally created the virus We also follow the career of an aging blues rock musician with tech skills who uses a computer program to read and control the mood of his audience The tech is believable and the whole thing reads like a William Gibson novel mashed up with the 1984 film Eddie and the Cruisers about the musician who pulls a Rimbaud like disappearing act Maybe it is time for Jarpe to make his comeback