KINDLE [Seduction]

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • Seduction
  • Charlotte Lamb
  • English
  • 02 August 2020
  • 9780263734508

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review Seduction Charlotte Lamb ↠ 0 Summary Read Õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Charlotte Lamb Ody; he didn't listen to her reasons for refusal Clea had little choice But she was sure of one thing she would not be owned or used by anyone She was her own person. MINI REVIEWCharlotte Lamb s Seduction features an innocent sheltered heroine a slutty step sister a creepy step father with unhealthy designs on his step daughter and a hero that is so crazy and obsessed he can only be found in an old skool HP a bodice ripper a mated pair paranormal or one these self published new adult books that are so popular right nowBen is obsessed with Clea and will do anything to get her She is abducted by Ben and escapesand falls in loveThis was not the first Harleuin Presents I read but it was the one that got me addicted to the Presents line It s very chauvinistic very politically incorrect But this is a book a fantasy not reality Charlotte s Lamb s writing was at its best in this one I love this book as crazy as it was5 stars A

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review Seduction Charlotte Lamb ↠ 0 Summary Read Õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Charlotte Lamb Ben Winter was the man who desired her and was determined to have her I know what you want than you do he kept insisting But he saw only the betraying signs of her b. FULL OF SPOILERS My take Clea lives in Greece with her stepfather and step sister She came to live with her stepfather Kerasteri as a young girl when Kerasteri married her mother After her mother s death when she was a teenager Clea stayed in Greece as she has no close family in England Clea s stepsister is a very outgoing and flirtatious young woman who happens to be a year younger than Clea One day her stepsister brings home the very handsome half Greek half British Ben Winter for dinner Ben was taken with Clea s beauty from the beginning Clea feels an attraction to Ben as well but gives him the cold shoulder Karasteri notes Ben s attraction and informs him in a subtle way during dinner that both Clea and her stepsister are engaged to be married Clea has been thinking about her upcoming nuptials for some time and decided that she must make a run for it Her stepfather will not allow her to stay in his home if she refuses to marry the man he chose for her Further her feelings for Ben are eually troubling for her While thinking about her upcoming move she moves to the window after having taken a shower lost in her thoughts Ben is standing outside right below Clea s room When Ben looks up and notices Clea s naked form he is completely transfixed by her youth and flawless beauty Clea notices Ben staring at her and the two stand for a long moment looking at each other Clea is finally able to pull herself away from the window and is deeply troubled A day or two following the window incident Ben comes around to Kerasteri s house yet again This time Kerasteri is not around to chaperone his daughters Ben unleashes his desire for as well as his frustrations on Clea He starts to kiss her and just as she is starting to relax into the kiss her stepfather walks upon the two Kerasteri is beyond mad punches Ben out and calls Clea a whole host of bad names After this incident Clea plays it safe around her step father so he won t grow suspicious about her upcoming lescape from his home Clea mistakenly told Ben about her plans Clea meets a woman on the plane who befriends her and offers to allow Clea to stay with her in London since she has nothing booked As soon as Clea enters the apartment guess who comes out to greet her Ben The woman who befriends Clea on the plane was in fact a friend of Ben who he paid to string Clea along Clea is mad and lets Ben have it The friend leaves Ben locks the door behind her placing the key in his front pocket Ben has in effect kidnapped Clea he keeps her in his apartment for a week Clea manages to escape because Ben becomes drunk after Clea rejects him following her first encounterwink wink with him Clea manages to get the key and slip out of the apartment She finds work through an agency at a hotel as the front counter person A few months into her new job guess who walks through the door The chic who led Clea to Ben s apartment Clea hides before the woman sees her or so Clea thinks A few days later while Clea is out on her lunch break she happens to notice someone following her it s Ben He is walking some distance back from Clea with his head down looking so depressed It obvious he misses Clea and loves her a lot In a twisted way Clea found it amusing that Ben should appear so distraught Ben never approaches Clea just walks some distance away like a sad puppy dog In the end the female friend of Ben comes to the hotel to beg Clea to at least talk to Ben again She tells Clea that Ben is falling apart and how she has never seen him look or behave like this After mucht begging on the part of Ben s friend Clea agrees to come to dinner When Ben walks in and sees Clea he is a very angry but manages to calm down After the friend and her boyfriend leave Clea and Ben alone for a few the two manage to talk out their problems and like all good romance novels declare their love for each other I really liked this book a lot I think it s going on the keeper shelf The forced seduction and kidnapping I could have done with out I give this book 4 stars Things you maymay not like about this book 1 MayDecember romance 2 The heroine s stepfather is in love with hersays the hero 3 Forced seduction that turned into a very painful first time for the heroine 4 The heroine was kidnapped

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review Seduction Charlotte Lamb ↠ 0 Summary Read Õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Charlotte Lamb Clea felt insulted by both menClea's stepfather Kerasteri had followed Greek custom in choosing a man for her to marry Defying him meant arousing his violent temper. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this very disturbing book is the title Let s see we have a romance about a heroine kidnapped and raped by the hero how do we make that look nice I know we ll call it Seduction and maybe no one will notice These same publishers are now putting anorexic women on the cover of romances with fat heroinesIt was a really interesting story I ll give it that The backstory and secondary characterizations are thorough and involved than we usually see in category romance and it was clear that the author recognized herself how truly awful her hero Ben is in the way she describes how he sulks and broods over not getting his own way and completely fails to take responsibility for how much damage he s inflicted I know I was a bit rough with you I m sorry Believe me I didn t mean to be but you made me angry Of course his anger is her fault for not giving in and so forcing him to rape her Then when she s still unreasonably upset over having been raped instead of thrilled he storms off and gets drunk Nowadays he would probably be diagnosed as a narcissistic personality or sociopath this being an old romance he is just warped and bitter because his mommy treated him mean and so she has to forgive himI was very caught up in the story and I can certainly see why some readers might really love its intensity and drama But the ending miserable and repentant though Ben is was somehow not sufficient for me to give retroactive reader consent for his actions The happiest ending I can see for this couple is divorce if she s very lucky her winding up dead at his hands seems the most probable outcome