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  • Testosterone:: A Man's Guide- Second Edition
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  • 11 February 2020
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Read & Download Testosterone:: A Man's Guide- Second Edition Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read & Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Nelson Vergel Nelson Vergel Ü 4 Read & Download Could abouttestosterone and androgens in medical journals This started a journey that hastaken me through years of self education on the subject In I co wrotea book called Built To Survive A Comprehensive Guide to the Medical Use ofAnabolic Hormones with Michael Mooney on the medical uses of androgensexercise and nutrition to reverse HIV related wasting and to improve ualityof life After that book was launched I received many emails from healthyHIV negative men with uestions about testosterone I realized that the information we gatheredin HIV was invaluable also for men without the virus So I decided to write this book for all men who need help regardless oftheir health status Since its discovery in the early th century theworld has learned a lot about testosteroneUnfortunately testosterone is probably also one of the mostmisunderstood hormones in medicine Stigmadenial and misconceptions have been barriers for most men to considerits use even in the presence of all the debilitating symptoms oftestosterone deficiency hypogonadism These fears have been fueled by a mediathat euates testosterone supplementation with aggression and with the athleteswho abuse it as well as by physicians who have a poor understanding oftestosterone replacement therapy TRTResults from one of the largest studies ever done on testosteronedeficiency the Hypogonadism in Males HIM study published in estimatedthe overall prevalence of hypogonadism in the United States at approximately percentin men aged years or older Recent estimates show that million men in the United States may experience testosteronedeficiency although fewer than percent receive treatment for the condition So why are so many men receiving treatmentfor hypogonadism Consider that men are known notto proactively visit doctors Andconsider that the two main symptoms oftestosterone deficiency depression and sexual dysfunction are topics thatmost men feel uncomfortable discussing even with their physicians So even ifhe is feeling bad enough to finally make it to the doctor a man is probably willing to take a physical gut punch than the metaphorical one byadmitting out loud that he has problems with his sexual performance or hismoodMany men suffer needlessly with theseproblems that dramatically affect their uality of life and how they relate toothers Depression and sexual dysfunction both have been linked to cardiovascularrisks factors that affect not only the length of life butimportantly itsuality Growing older while remaining hea.

Read & Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Nelson VergelTestosterone:: A Man's Guide- Second Edition

Read & Download Testosterone:: A Man's Guide- Second Edition Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read & Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Nelson Vergel Nelson Vergel Ü 4 Read & Download This book provides the bare knuckles how to tips on the treatment of male hypogonadism low testosterone The book states how to maximize benefits while minimizing any side effects And the book is written by someone with over two decades of personal experience This makes the book thatvaluable Nelson Vergel s knowledge experience skill and education on the subject of TRT has been proven in his prior writings including Built to Survive A Comprehensive Guide to the Medical Use of Anabolic Steroids Nutrition and Exercise for HIV men and women Nelson deeply cares about men s health It isthan a passing interest For him it is a matter of life and living I am humbled to be a part of the book Do yourself a favor and be good to yourself Get the book Michael Scally MD HoustonMy relationship with hormonal replacement has been a long andfruitful one I was diagnosed with low testosterone in at the age of after I had been living with HIV for years I had lost poundsunintentionally felt tired and depressed and had no sex drive at all I wasconvinced that it was the beginning of the end for me Many of my friends withHIV began looking like skeletons due to wasting syndrome a severeunintentional loss of body weight And then many died I was starting to buyinto the myth that feeling tired and ending up in bones were normal if one isHIVLuckily in Los AngelesI met some guys in support groups who were already using testosterone in anunderground manner They boasted about how great they felt and looked At thetime I was terrified to consider the hormone since I had heard that it causedliver and prostate cancer destroyed one s immune system and that it wouldsupposedly induce horrible steroid rage I was finally convinced to take aneducated risk when my fear of dying of wasting became stronger than my fears oftestosteroneI was able to get some testosterone cypionate and had a friendhelp me inject mg of it in my upper buttock After two injections a weekapart I started to improve My mindwas less foggy my sex drive was returning my depression lessened and myweight loss stabilized I felt like I was alive again and regained my appetitenot only for food but for life itselfWhat I thought were symptoms of immune dysfunction were symptoms ofhaving low testosterone I began to feellike a healthy year old should With the help of exercise and propernutrition I was able to gain pounds of lean body mass even withuncontrolled HIV virus in my blood Ihad hope againMy amazing transformation inspired me to read all I.

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Read & Download Testosterone:: A Man's Guide- Second Edition Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read & Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Nelson Vergel Nelson Vergel Ü 4 Read & Download Lthy and independent is surelyeveryone s wish This book will provide one of the pieces of the puzzle on howto attain this goal Sincemy last book several studies have demonstrated that testosterone is an important andrelatively safe hormone for those with testosterone deficiency who are monitored by a trained physician New products like testosterone gels have entered the market and havehelped raise testosterone literacyamong physicians But demonization ofthis hormone and its cousin molecules anabolic steroids has not goneaway mostly due to unfounded fears based on lackof information Regrettably the media and the US Congress have focused onthe use of testosterone by athletes who utilize these compounds at highdoses without consulting trainedphysicians This media hysteria may also add to the fears about testosterone sside effects present in the minds of potential patients living withhypogonadism who are suffering needlessly and uietlyBesides researching data on different options I have purposely triedmost of the products that I discuss in this book to provide practical tips oneach I have also been lucky to learn from experiences of many people usingthese products via my online listserve and lectures in the past years It is my hope that this book will savereaders time and trouble by preventing costly mistakes wasted time andneedless suffering I tried to write it in accessible language My suggestions are not intended to be medicaladvice and I strongly urge every reader to seek the opinion of a ualified andtrained physician before engaging in any of the health solutions reviewed inthis bookI have also included valuable information on patient assistanceprograms and how to find physicians trained in testosterone replacement therapyto save valuable time and money for men searching for solutions to theirhypogonadismEven though this book focuses on men you will notice that Iincluded some information about testosterone in women As of there is noFood Drug Administration FDA approved testosterone product for womenalthough many doctors have been prescribing small doses in specially compoundedcreams for lack of libido in females There are even some products in studiesand close to potential approval for womenPlease do not hesitate to email me via my web site TestosteroneWisdoma site created to provide updates on new information as it becomesavailable Also please let me know whatyou think by posting your review onWishing you the best health and prosperityNelson Vergeladded by author.

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