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Summary » Writings from Commonweal 104 Dorothy Day has been described as the most significant interesting and influential person in the history of American Catholicism Outside The Catholic Worker which she edited from 1933 to her death Day wrote for no other publication so often and over such an extended period covering six decades as the independent Catholic journal of opinion CommonwealGathered here for the first time are Day's complete Commonweal pieces including articles reviews and published letters to the editor They range from the personal to the polemical; from youthful enthusiasm to the gratitude of an aged warrior; sketches from works in progress; portraits of prisoners and dissiden.

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Summary » Writings from Commonweal 104 Tals Letter 'In the Name of the Staff' King Ramsey and Connor It Was a Good Dinner About Mary Tobacco Road Review In the Steps of Moses by Louis Golding Review Our Lady of the Birds by Louis JA Mercier Peter and Women Letter 'Things Worth Fighting For' The Scandal of the Works of Mercy Traveling by Bus Letter 'Blood Sweat and Tears' The Story of Steve Hergenhan Priest of the Immediate We Plead Guilty Letter 'From Dorothy Day' Pilgrimage to Mexico In Memory of Ed Willock Southern Pilgrimage AJ On Hope and A Reminiscence at 75 Patrick Jordan managing editor of Commonweal is a former managing editor of The Catholic Worker He resides in Staten Island New Yor.

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Summary » Writings from Commonweal 104 Ts; and a gifted reporter's dispatches from the flash points of mid twentieth century social and economic conflict Day's writing offers readers not only an overview of her fascinating life but a compendium of her prophetic insights spiritual depth and unforgettable proseChapters are The Brother and the Rooster Guadalupe Letter From Mexico City Spring Festival in Mexico Bed Now We Are Home Again Notes From Florida East Twelfth Street Review Saint Elizabeth by Elizabeth von Schmidt Pali Real Revolutionists Review The Catholic Anthology by Thomas Walsh For the Truly Poor Saint John of the Cross Houses of Hospitality The House on Mott Street Tale of Two Capi.