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FREE DOWNLOAD Witchling Academy Spell Traveler Chronicles #1 õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Having magic is a blessing from the gods and they gave me an especially powerful gift when they made me a Spell Traveler Now if only I could use it properly without randomly teleporting falling and inevitably crashing into important people As the youngest member of the renowned Harlow family I Brianne Marie Harlow have some big shoes to fill With amazing parents on the magic council and a sister who works for Witchling Star Agency I’m determined to prove that I can. Brianne s name is NOT Breanne and it s this kind of troubling detail that makes me uestion everything about how a writer can sincerely think they can tell me a story this way At a fairly late stage in this work another character verbally addresses the heroine as Breanne and is correcteduestionsIs that a hard I in her name and if so is her name Brian and why did the book wait THIS long to tell me thatIs one of her secret magical talents that she can see intended spelling when someone speaks I wonder if this would be a sort of mind reading techniue where you can see how someone would spell a word and if so the only use I can think of is going to really annoy peopleAnyway here s a by no means comprehensive account of the many annoyances in this bookNothing happens it s all just talking and a sprinkling of nastiness that appears to be no than mildly inconvenient to this overly gifted heroineHer hair is orange Everyone has anime hairThe hot boys she likes are barely capable of human interaction not sexy and it s nearly impossible to work out why they are objects of desireA 16 year old girl who calls a penis a willy wonka is not ready for relationship team leading Regardless of whether she plans to get old enough to do something with penises she s not euipped with sufficient emotional intelligence for any of itThis book is almost entirely awkwardly constructed overly expositional repetitive and poorly edited dialogueI like pink cats I hate the idea of a pink cat liking the heroine as an example of her specialnessA professor at the Academy delivers the first day orientation you may get bullied suck it up But if you say anything anti polyamorous relationships I will cut you because that affects me personally and I have zero tolerance Just no Have zero tolerance of people being shit to each other and that shit escalating into violence Telling a bunch of 18 year olds and a 16 year old that you expect they have suddenly become adults and that being an adult means they are expected to be fully euipped to deal with whatever is not a policy Have a policy And have something that will actually work for the at risk groups you want to help Ed note I thought about how the speech also included zero tolerance bullying of LGBT as well as polyamory and the tolerance message was positive but so undercut by the rest of what the character says and what happens laterThen everyone is told that this may be the first day of class but they don t have to go WHATThe magic system is boring and poorly explained The heroine s uncontrolled talent is boring and poorly explained The world building is boring and poorly explainedThe heroine s sister s backstory is explained multiple times and is in no way relevant to the plotThe heroine has no growth makes no discoveries about her own character and her strategy for managing conflict with others is to endure and then explode This is a bad book with a plot that lurches from scene to scene without developing any interesting conflicts or overarching purpose

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FREE DOWNLOAD Witchling Academy Spell Traveler Chronicles #1 õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Of hot boys with their eyes all on me As if that weren’t bad enough now I’m getting death threats and random men are chasing me after school trying to steal my power Now I only have two goals One survive long enough to graduate and make my family proud With craziness and danger coming at me left and right it's up to me and Elijah with the help of N4 to find a way to make it out alive Goal number two Manage not to fall in love with all five boys in the process. Semester OneI truly love Bri and The Notorious Four I will definitely be reading Semester TwoThis book is so not a typical reverse harem series and there s nothing refreshing The plot and sub plots are interwoven nicely Elijah was always a complete asshat and I m glad Brianne finally realized it Never ever base your self worth on what somebody else may think of you Great message and happy reading 35 stars

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FREE DOWNLOAD Witchling Academy Spell Traveler Chronicles #1 õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Meet the expectations of our family name I hope Getting accepted into Witchling Academy isn't the problem given my gift But surviving in a school filled with witches and warlocks That is a whole other dilemma My game plan Focus on learning do my homework and speak to no one except for my best friend Elijah who I secretly have a crush on What could go wrong Turns out everything On the first day of classes I managed to piss off the leader of the Notorious Four a group. Witchling Academy Welcome all This book is fun fast paced and trust me when I sayit s hard to put down Once you start this book clear your schedule grab a snack and get comfortable because this story is a real treat Meet Brianne the younger sister of Starlight amazing sister who really kicks butt and daughter to two parents who are on the magic council So as you can guessher last name gains her uite a bit of attention But that s not all She has a uniue gift too She s a spell traveler and boy does this exceptional gift get her in trouble LOL She can t control it so of courseshe ends up in odd placesat inconvenient times Ready for Dive in I have to say that this author has written a fantastic story You get so much and I love it Brianne has a crush on her best friend but she s afraid to push the boundaries Are there really any though Missed signals really do suck Let s all agree to that Her and her bestie Elijah get accepted to Witchling Academy but what Bri doesn t expectis all the attention that she uickly acuires Now I am an avid fan of cute cats and hot guys and this book is full of both So as you can imagineI was in heaven and jealous LOL The pacing of this story is fantastic There is never a dull moment I love the interactions between the characters and how well it all flows Needless to sayI m beyond eager for of this series If you are looking for an engaging reverse harem novel then this is the book to pick up The author keeps this story YA and slow burning because of Bri s age but you can tell that there is to come and I m ready for it For that I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars I will be crawling the walls eagerly anticipating the next book and devouring it as soon as I get my claws on it