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Deception Read & Download Ö 4 Gh shortsightedness and intent the spread of the very weapons we vilify the axis of evil powers for having and fear terrorists will obtain Deception puts our current standoffs with Iran and North Korea in a startling new perspective and makes clear two things that Pakistan far from being an ally is a rogue nation at the epicenter of world destabilization; and that the complicity of the United States has ushered in a new nuclear winterBased on hundreds of interviews in the United States Pakistan India Israel Europe and Southeast Asia Deception is a masterwork of reportage and dramatic storytelling by two of the world's most resourceful investigative journalists Urgently important it should stimulate debate and command a reexamination of our national prioritie. A Mind boggling account of nuclear proliferation at a scale that has not yet matched by anyone else It establishes the fact that Pakistan A failed state in itself has let its soil be used for activities that have led to the spread of terrorism and arming unstable states with nuclear tech and an ever evolving threat of their leaders to use itIn all this entire mess the book also highlights what a colossal waste NPT is and also how USA president Reagen and his successors were complicit in allowing Pakistan state to go about proliferating despite incriminating evidence All in all one cannot simply brush aside this episode by calling it as abysmal lapse of judgement etc on part of the political establishment I for one agree to the fact that USA a superpower had all the wherewithal to nip this in bud but it chose not to asserting to the fact that its actions are criminal and the entire world is right now facing after effects ISIS NK crisis Refugee crisis Terrorism in Kashmir valley etc of a succesfull proliferation by the Failed State Pakistan a botched failed US middle east and far east policy The authors have done an excellent job in bringing this issue to the fore front the narrative style is fast paced and races through the time line with such clarity that it makes you want to dwell deeper into this issue Kudos for making this an exciting and gripping book to read

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Deception Read & Download Ö 4 Ni military and made possible in large part by aid money from the United States Saudi Arabia and Libya and by indiscriminate assistance from ChinaMost unnerving the authors reveal that the sales of nuclear weapons technology to Iran North Korea and Libya so much in the news today were made with the clear knowledge of the American government for whom Pakistan has been a crucial buffer state and ally first against the Soviet Union now in the war against terror Every successive American presidency from Jimmy Carter to George W Bush has turned a blind eye to Pakistan's nuclear activity rewriting and destroying evidence provided by its intelligence agencies lying to Congress and the American people about Pakistan's intentions and capability and facilitating throu. This book overviews the history of Pakistan s uranium weapons enrichment program the illicit global procurement network created by A Khan to build that program the failure of the United States to stop that program and its links to other nuclear weapons programs in Libya Iran North Korea and China The authors are shocked by this history and they expect you to be shocked as well There are lots of villains here sometimes described in frankly sneering terms including A Khan himself Aslam Beg and Hamid Gul Pervez Musharraf who appears to have been personally responsible for just about every militant organization formed in Pakistan since the 1980s and a number of US officials some of whom are accused of deliberately covering up awareness of the state of the Pakistani enrichment program at various points in its development It appears undeniable that successive US administrations put aside nuclear nonproliferation objectives in favor of other foreign policy priorities concerning Pakistan to dangerous conseuence I think there s also a compelling case here that Khan s sales network was generally sanctioned by the Pakistani military leadership with whom the US continued to maintain relations even as Khan was sacrificed But as other reviews of this book have suggested it s not clear from this book how a confrontational US approach would have been enacted and if this would in fact have deterred Pakistan from its enrichment goals particularly as its neighbor India made progress towards the same objectiveI am not a nukes guy and I don t know the history well here But the alarmist tone throughout reliance on some few key sources who may have some self exculpatory interests of their own and what seems to be some sloppiness with details on some of the parts I m familiar with makes me uestion how much I should rely on this as a guide to the proliferation and sales network which from my perspective is the most concerning aspect of the story I think I need to triangulate this account with several other sources before drawing any conclusions on the details

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Deception Read & Download Ö 4 The shocking three decade story of A Khan and Pakistan's nuclear program and the complicity of the United States in the spread of nuclear weaponryOn December 15 1975 A Khan a young Pakistani scientist working in Holland stole top secret blueprints for a revolutionary new process to arm a nuclear bomb His original intention and that of his government was purely patriotic to provide Pakistan a counter to India's recently unveiled nuclear device However as Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott Clark chillingly relate in their masterful investigation of Khan's career over the past thirty years over time that limited ambition mushroomed into the world's largest clandestine network engaged in selling nuclear secrets a mercenary and illicit program managed by the Pakista. Terrifying This book was written in 2007 Subseuent events have not convinced me that anything but a miracle has prevented the use of these weapons I take only a tiny bit of solace in the reminder that W was pretty damn bad too and we made it somehow If John Bolton comes back though I m starting to dig my bunker Roughly the first half of the book details the work of A Khan to build the bomb and the second half is how Pakistan exported technology and completed components to fund its program working the US the whole time supporting the Taliban and collecting billions in aid As one Pakistani official said We do whatever we want and the US does whatever we wantOne side note on the source Peter Griffin yeah it is hard to take seriously Some of the other reviews have uestioned the entire book because of the reliance on him But I felt that there was only one chapter that seemed tacked on about him and intended to exculpate In my opinion did not detract from the whole story