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  • The Last Witch of Fitzroy Suare
  • Paula Brackston
  • English
  • 09 April 2020
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DOWNLOAD × The Last Witch of Fitzroy Suare Er’s role as Head Witch of the Lazarus Coven And it is Lilith who must face the threat of the Sentinels a powerful group of sorcerers intent on reclaiming the Elixir from the coven’s guardianship for their own dark purposes Lilith knows the Lazarus creed secrecy and silence To abandon either would put both the coven and all she holds dear in grave danger She has spent her life honoring it right down to her charming fiancé and fellow witch Viscount Louis Harc. Not sure if I ll ever write a full review for this as I did not finish it First reason the writingIt s like trying to walk through thick molasses Especially in the beginning everything is described so fucking detailed I was honestly bored out of my mind Then the author switches between past and present tense first and third person narration and different point of views which renders the book into one gigantic annoying read It s as if neither author nor editor have proof read it The use of present tense narration always irritates me Also I kind of expected a historical romance novel set in the early 20th century with some supernatural witchcraft ghosts elements But the dialogues described etiuette and even the names do not contribute much to historical accuracy It was all so very much uninteresting I d rather watch the Titanic sink again and Leonardo di Caprio drowns than finish this book Secondly The romance it s kind of the same as in Titanic Super beautiful super rich super fancy witch with a super fianc falls in love with an artist from the poor wrong non magical non aristocratic part of the society Yawn Have I mentioned Titanic The movie was awesome in comparison to this At least Leo drowns and I still cry some tears when the mother tells her two children a story while the ship is running full of cold water Third the magic part They are all so damn powerful necromancer and then nothing We are told they are Actual zombies none Ghosts Nope none of that either The whole mystical element is like the secret meetings of a secret cult where everything is about power struggle than magic necromancy This book is a waste of time if you ask me There are better historical novels there are much better romance novels and there certainly are better fantasy novels out there

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DOWNLOAD × The Last Witch of Fitzroy Suare The dead are seldom silent All that is reuired for them to be heard is that someone be willing to listen I have been listening to the dead all my lifeLilith is the daughter of the sixth Duke of Radnor She is one of the most beautiful young women in London and engaged to the city’s most eligible bachelor She is also a witchWhen her father dies her hapless brother Freddie takes the title But it is Lilith instructed in the art of necromancy who inherits their fath. Thank you Netgalley and St Martin Press for the advanced copyIn short Lilith is a young witch who has been thrust into leadership over the Lazarus Coven after her father dies Almost immediately she is challenged by the dark side who have come to reclaim their elixir and gain their power back In the midst of adapting to her new position and fighting off the demon spirits she falls in love with a mortal man she is already engaged to a fellow witchOkayI started off really liking this book I mean I was excited about it At around 15% I thought wow this is so intense and so early onbut nearly the moment that the thought surfaced I wanted to take it back Here are my reasons1 Her father taught her of Faith in Silence If you do not speak your secrets aloud others will not have the chance to betray you with them Keep the faith and keep silent It is what I have been trained to do all this time She meets and falls in love with a mortal and after being together for a short time she spills the beans to him This is the woman who is the Head Witch and she is breaking the creed and carelessly It comes across that she has no respect for her followers or their safety She also proves this when she is challenged during her induction She doesn t have to accept the challenge thrown at her but it is almost like she has way too much pride and puts people close to her in harms way2 She tries to come across as self righteous by doing things that goes against the coven and choosing a name that translates to Lucifer to her fellow witches I mean if she came off as someone who went against the coven for good reason then I would understand but it seems she is always making decisions that are unwise and usually costs others their lives She seems reckless than rebelliously wise For instance a She reveals the covents secret to a mortal that she scarcely knows b She conjures up her father s spirit to rub it in his face c Instead of preparing the coven of what she has done she goes for shock value and introduces him to her fellow witches without warning at a gathering no less d Not only does she cheat on her fiance but then expects him to work with her new beau to bring her back to life when she has once again made poor decisions e The WHOLE situations with her brother f The list grows 3 She is a hypocriteexample There is a price to pay I understand that And I will see that nothing is taken that is not paid for I will not give away the Great secret and I will see to it that no one is harmed through my actions This is when I started to loathe the main character She is all over the place and I hate it when characters say one thing and do another She gives away the Great Secret and people close to her DIE because of her actionsAlso what I have a hard time with in this book is how the witches are guarding their elixir when in truth they stole it from the Sentinels Yes they were bad people but stealing from them doesn t make them any better especially when they somewhat taunt them with it They should just get rid of it or something I don t know4 At one point Lilith mentions that the Sentinels don t have any female members because they believe that when it comes to matters of the heart that women are weak I really would have loved for Lily to have proven that women are NOT weak when it comes to the matters of the heart her name is Lilith for God s sake but I felt that she failed me when the first sign of her heart fluttering she blabbed it all Not only that but she went against other s wishes didn t discuss IMPORTANT decisions with her peers did spells that she was forbidden to do and put others at risk for the matters of her heart MehI don t like writing unfavorable reviews but when I don t like the main character of a book it really grinds at me There were parts that I liked about the book but I grew to resent Lilith unfortunately Maybe now that she is the ueen of the Night there is hope that I could look past what I just read and give it another chance If the next book in the series is good then I will chalk this one up as she was just immature and luckily some people survived but if she continues to be a hot mess then I will give up So I guess I am still in to try the next book

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DOWNLOAD × The Last Witch of Fitzroy Suare Ourt Until the day she meets Bram a talented artist who is neither a witch nor a member of her class With him she must not be secret and silent Despite her loyalty to the coven and duty to her family Lilith cannot keep her life as a witch hidden from the man she loves To tell him will risk everythingSpanning the opulence of Edwardian London and the dark days of World War I The Midnight Witch is the third novel from New York Times bestselling author Paula Bracksto. Have you ever read a book that you absolutely hated but at the same time you adored reading it and you couldn t put it down That s exactly what this YA friendly tale of witchcraft among the English upper classes during World War One was like for me There were so many ingredients that I savored and couldn t get enough of yet the flavor of the whole thing was a big silly mess I m rating the book five stars simply because I enjoyed it so much But to be accurate about my impressions I want to do a split review five star first and then one star FIVE STAR REVIEW Bram the rugged young artist and beautiful aristocratic witch Lilith were the most wonderful couple I ve seen in a YA novel in a long long time I loved how Lilith was so much powerful than Bram and how he just completely adored her for the very things that set her above him her wealth beauty class and of course her enormously powerful knowledge of witchcraft and spells Every scene they have together is sigh worthy and I was so so happy when they got together at long last At the same time I ve never read a YA type novel where the supporting characters are so rich and vivid When Bram comes to London he boards with a very eccentric older man named Mangan and Mangan his wife his children and even Mangan s sexy mistress Gudrun are all so real and funny and fascinating that they practically jump off the page I would have been so so happy if there had been no witchcraft at all and the whole story had been about Bran s adventures in the art world and if Mangan and Gudrun and their whole gang had been the focus of the story and not the witches and their problems And that brings me to the next part of my review the one star review ONE STAR REVIEW As authentic and meaningful teen romance this book soars but as a tale of horror witchcraft and macabre goings on it absolutely stinks up the joint Where else can you see a vicious deadly villain with supernatural powers prove what a threatening menacing figure he is by by by wasting a suirrel at some old duke s funeral That s right Nicholas Strickland decides that the suirrel disrespected him when it ran by and kicked pine needles all over his blue suede shoes And so he casts a spell A mean bad ass spell that immediately causes the suirrel to go into cardiac arrest and die Oh but there s With the instincts of Poe and Lovecraft Paula Brackston really zeroes in on the suirrel s face as he dies she lets us know you can see pain on the suirrel s face And then fear And then I guess acceptance But the suirrel is dead That s her idea of creating a chilling villain A guy who kills a suirrel With magic How did Isaac Hayes put it That Strickland is one bad shut your mouth I m talking about Strickland Oh but it doesn t stop with wasting a suirrel to beef up the villain s street cred Every single thing about the supernatural in this book is either funny or stupid or just not credible Luscious Lilith the teen ueen belongs to the Lazarus Coven an elite team of swinging upper class witches male and female who serve humanity by summoning up dead people and asking them random uestions about the future of mankind Okay So the by laws of the group apparently say that our yummy heroine MUST serve as head boss grand poo bah and that her silliness teen girl love affairs and general goofy goings on must NEVER be uestioned by the adoring oldsters who live but to serve In real life the other witches would have voted our teen ueen out on her tail the FIRST time she bungles a spell And she bungles a lot of them in this bookThere are so many heavy heavy themes that Brackston introduces that make Lilith and her pals look silly and childish just when especially when they are supposed to be Witches With Soul It was the whole World War One theme that really almost spoiled the book for me I mean so many uestions are raised and never answered There s a super dramatic moment when a helpful eight year old ghost fingers the whole coven and shouts all your boys are gonna DIE And that was uite legitimate I guess But there s no follow up If you imagine super powerful witches running all over London in 1914 you have to figure they could do stuff like melt machine guns or evaporate bullets or just put a spell on Kaiser Wilhelm to make him mellow out At the very least they could change all the paperwork so their sons all get orders posted to the rear None of this happens Instead the story just sputters and starts jumping whole years at a time as if Paula Brackston just suddenly lost interest in World War One and decided to skip ahead for no reason at all I wish I could communicate how laughably stupid the plot was with mean bad Strickland chasing silly romantic Lilith all around over some secret elixir or something And there are adoring ghosts who keep popping up to tell Lilith that she s you know an awesome witch Because the Lazarus witches just don t tell her that often enough And Bram doesn t adore her enough except when he s painting her and bowing down before her powers This girl is such a Mary Sue and she takes herself so seriously that it s often inadvertently hilarious It took the war to awaken me from my privileged slumbers she announces at one point with total gravity just because she s been working so hard doling out soup and bread to the humble grateful masses So no witch powers to create loaves and fishes No witch powers to speed up the line or make her aching feet feel betterThe fact is that magic and witchcraft just don t mix with the horrible realities of machine guns barbed wire and mustard gas You don t see Lilith working spells to end the war or even ease the suffering of the horribly wounded No she spends all her time worrying about whether mean bad Strickland will steal her elixir Or something And agonizing over the ghosts who come to her with their problems Only it s so funny she never sees the ghosts of witches who were burned at the stake or torn in pieces by angry Christian mobs You d think that would be a thing yet Paula Brackston never even mentions the fact that Christianity has not always been good for witches Lilith works side by side with the nuns in the soup kitchen and her admiration for them never seems to involve any knowledge of the past Which is all the annoying given that Lilith s ONLY job as a witch is to talk to people who lived you know centuries ago When witches got burned by Christians A lot Oh I cannot end the one star section without mentioning Lilith s brother Freddy All my Goodreads friends and you know who you are are huge romance novel readers and we ve all talked about how the useless brother is a time honored romance trope A good useless brother can highlight the heroine s guts sass and strength while at the same time pushing her into the hero s arms Don t worry none of that happens here Freddy is the most under written loser brother ever He s totally weak and then about halfway through he gets it just like the suirrel The only good thing is that he s named Freddy so whenever he s mentioned you can visualize John Cazale in THE GODFATHER PART II and imagine how a real writer might have found the drama here FREDDY I m your older brother Lilith and I was stepped overLILITH That s the way pop wanted it though I m not sure why FREDDY IT S NOT HOW I WANTED ITIsn t it kind of weird that the Lazarus Coven is co ed at a time when women couldn t even vote And how come if Lilith s father was the old head witch they pass over the son for the daughter Fredo deserves respect And it s not like Lilith overcomes any sexism in this coven there just isn t any because all anyone ever talks about is how totally awesome Lilith is and how they must must be loyal to the young green untried girl who crushes on the first non witch boy who smiles at her And paints her picture And worships her Because really who doesn tIf you think about this stuff you ll find that THE MIDNIGHT WITCH is a one star read that drives you crazy But if you just enjoy the love story it s five star YA fiction at it s best