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  • 10 November 2019
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Why They Cant Write Summary Ä eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF There seems to be widespread agreement that when it comes to the writing skills of college students we are in the midst of a crisis In Why They Can't Write John Warner who taught writing at the college level for two decades argues that the problem isn't caused by a lack of rigor or smartphones or some generational character defect Instead he asserts we're teaching writing wrongWarner blames this on decades of educational reform rooted in standardiz. Because of the title I went into the book expecting Warner to dig into the 5 paragraph essay and to provide a series of recommendations for other ways to teach writing He does but his interests and his critiue are much broader than the title suggestsInstead Warner tackles the educational system and identifies numerous systemic problems of which the 5 paragraph essay is just one of many symptoms Standardized testing standardized instruction and an over reliance on technology an over emphasis on product and grading vs process and cultivating curiosity undercompensation for teachers and adjunct faculty and the precarious position financial insecurity food insecurity lack of time and sleep of students and teachers alike result in a culture of schooling that breeds anxiety and a fear of risk taking This of course isn t good for developing students writers His recommendations which weave their way throughout the text are useful and challenging but not particularly new teach the writer cultivate authentic writing experiences focus on process rather than product align pedagogy with personal beliefs and values resist teaching and tools that standardize feedback emphasize growth not grades recognize that learning to write isn t a linear process because writing is fundamentally about thinking and expressing ideas clearly and provide teachers with the resources they need to do this work wellUltimately this book reaffirmed much of what I already believe but it was nice to hear it again all in one place

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Why They Cant Write Summary Ä eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF W the rules such as the five paragraph essay designed to help them pass these high stakes assessmentsIn Why They Can't Write Warner has crafted both a diagnosis for what ails us and a blueprint for fixing a broken system Combining current knowledge of what works in teaching and learning with the most enduring philosophies of classical education this book challenges readers to develop the skills attitudes knowledge and habits of mind of strong write. It isn t often that you read a professional book that makes you laugh out loud and has you shaking your head in agreement so often that it s awkward I wish my middle school and high school teachers had read this bookI wish I had read this book 24 years agoI wish we would have conversations in public education about this book I m trying to be diplomatic hereI m glad that this is an option for our 6 12 teachers for PD

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Why They Cant Write Summary Ä eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ation assessments and accountability We have done no Warner argues than conditioned students to perform writing related simulations which pass temporary muster but do little to help students develop their writing abilities This style of teaching has made students passive and disengaged Worse yet it hasn't prepared them for writing in the college classroom Rather than making choices and thinking critically as writers must undergraduates simply follo. In Why They Can t Write veteran college writing instructor John Warner thoughtfully explains how the educational trend toward an accountability culture in high schools narrows students thinking abilities and affects their fluency in developing depth and voice in writing With humor and insight Warner examines current writing pedagogy and then ranges beyond English classrooms to discuss other ways students are cheated by short sighted educational policies Thankfully this book also offers specific common sense solutions and approaches to right the ship of high school writing instruction Of course there are a lot of excellent writing teachers plying their trades in high schools across America Unfortunately these classroom masters are doing important effective work while freuently finding themselves at odds with administrators colleagues parents and even students who only value meaning from test scores and standardized grades Why They Can t Write will provide great writing teachers with validation vindication and rationales that support student centered composition instructionAlthough I agree with every syllable in Warner s book there is one very large and very pink elephant in the room still waiting to be acknowledged in Why They Can t Write The five paragraph essay and other formulaic writing approaches are thriving on a surprising number of college campuses See What Is College Writing For by Ellen Andrews Knodt Some college instructors in first year writing classes reuire students to write paragraphs with a specific number of sentences with a specific purpose for each of those sentences I have seen college instructors mandate that students choose from a selection of sentence starters to begin each paragraph of a you guessed it five paragraph essay These practices are at least as debilitating in college as they are in high school So the college level is not blameless in all of this If every college writing instructor taught like Professor Warner expectations of what college ready high school writing looks like would be clear attainable and dynamic Until then Why They Can t Write suggests much for teachers to think about discuss and implement as we move toward solving the disconnect between high school and college writing instruction and instructorsThis review is also posted on my What s Not Wrong blog