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  • 02 February 2020
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Read Faction Paradox ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Nity even when it was denied usI don’t think I understood him then I was too small and my brother never spoke in the concrete terms that my brain could comprehendLooking back on it though I think that’s when PJ began to burn Intermediant Izzy Ring The Heaven Facilit. If you didn t have the first idea what Faction Paradox was you could still enjoy a fair chunk of Burning With Optimism s Flames just as an anthology of weird fiction Juliet Kemp s Suatters Rights for instance a creepy little contemporary horror story about that old bad idea of editing one s unpleasant memories Or Office Politics by Alan Taylor which could be summarised as David Cronenberg doing deservedly horrible things to Ricky Gervais Other tales leave Stevenage far behind taking us to distant alien realms and if there s usually a glimmer of the War somewhere in the background well when isn t there And whether we re deep in the politics of 27th century interplanetary Catholicism or back in time as something very untoward happens to the Tower of London the standard is generally very high For me only Helen Angove s Wing Finger didn t really work I have a general aversion to historical fiction which uses hindsight merely to bludgeon idiots of the past and the poltroon in this one isn t even particularly plausible in his errors There are a few stories which definitely benefit from an understanding of the Great Houses the Eleven Day Empire and the like including perhaps unfortunately the opener Elizabeth Evershed s excellent Raleigh Dreaming There s even one which hinges to some extent on knowledge of a certain TV series with which Faction Paradox is legally no longer associated in which invaders with domes and long eyes oppressed a future Earth albeit with a somewhat different resolution as can happen when wars encompass time as a battleground But I d still overall call this a better introduction to the strange charms of the Faction than either of the supposed opening volumes Love Is a Four Letter Word you didn t have the first idea what Faction Paradox was

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Read Faction Paradox ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ty to shine their brightness and bring lifeHe would clasp me around the shoulder and say that we were like stars We had to use the energy within us to defeat the cold spaces to turn away the dark things that dared to destroy life We had to find our own calmness and sere.

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Read Faction Paradox ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free I can remember asking him ‘What are the stars Where do they come from’He would tell me that the stars are burning worlds caught forever in their unending flames raging roaring against the night They look out beyond their fragile spheres for places of calm and sereni. Gosh has it really taken me over a month to finish this one Blimey Anyway a bit of a book of two halves really this is another Faction Paradox short story collection from the fab folks at Obverse Books and while roughly half of them are excellent the other half are uite uite poor They are broadly arranged thusly bad ones at the beginning good ones at the end which in fairness is probably the best way round to do it but the first few really did feel like a slog Let s do a one sentence summing up of each one because it s Sunday afternoon and I ve got nothing better to do shall we Raleigh Dreaming Actually this one was really good ruining my bad at the beginning good at the end assessment straight away Curses Office Politics Hmm OK but as will become a bit of a theme as we go on very little to do with Faction Paradox Very different to what you normally get from FP books and I remain unsure whether that s a good thing or not and from the Tower she did fall Interesting conceptually absolutely nothing to do with Faction Paradox at all A bit confusing in that I couldn t decipher which side several characters were on Feels a bit like the writer s gone Well I ve written this story who can I sell it to Ahh yes Obverse I ll put in some perfunctory references to people in skull masks job s a good un La Santa Muerte Easily the worst in the collection A boring nothing story about Mexican gangs with some vague voodoo y themes I know the strength of the Faction Paradox concept is that it can be anything go anywhere etc but as a person who buys these collections because they are Faction Paradox books it would be nice occasionally to have a story about Faction Paradox y know Dos Hombres A Fable Another one about South American voodoo y stuff slightly better than La Santa Muerte All the Fun of the Fear The second worst in the collection I was looking forward to this one because Stephen Marley wrote one of the best regarded Virgin Dr Who books in the 90s and I was very disappointed He shoehorns in a pair of characters he created elsewhere and has them go to The Eleven Day Empire Except it s not the Eleven Day Empire because anyone can access it in all other stories only FP members can get in and there are just loads of normal people living there Also I couldn t tell if it was really really reactionary or if it was being secretly ironic but by this point I had ceased to care Wing Finger At last The light at the end of the tunnel It beckons A nicely constructed and interesting story with well rounded characters told in the fake history document style I find very engaging and suits FP fiction so well The only way is up Baby The Strings Brilliant again and proof that if you have a good idea and execute it with style and flair you can prove my These all need to be related to Faction Paradox in some way rule completely wrong and make me look like an idiot Suatters Rights Genuinely scary and tense Not the most original plot in the world a guy invites another mind into his head in an attempt to make it deal with all his crap and it goes horribly wrong but very well paced and builds to a lovely climax After the Velvet Eon As with anything by Simon Bucher Jones this is intricate packed with ideas and wonderfully structured I didn t uite understand all of it but I m sure this is due to my denseness rather than anything else A treat RemakeRemodel Fighting for the Best Story in Collection spot I think if I wanted to show someone the strength and adaptability of the Faction Paradox concept this is the story I d point them to uite biting in a way and very topical culturally an excellent idea well told Dharmayuddha I m a bit on the fence about this one Very different not uite sure if it worked for me May improve upon a second reading A Stars View of Caroline Another gem Complex but heartfelt Excellent world building I realise there are a lot of very short sentences in these and that makes them frustrating to read I m very sorry De Umbris Idearum The second contender for Best Story in Collection which is unsurprising coming from Faction Paradox MVP Philip Purser Hallard Completely unrelated to the City based stuff he normally does here he delves into one of FP s less explored concepts The Remote who made their debut in Lawrence Miles two part Dr Who epic Interference Another in the fake history document style complete with witty and informative footnotes basically if your work of fiction contains footnotes referring to other works that don t exist I m sold it s just exactly what you want from a short storySo in total Two amazing ones six very good ones three OK ones one not great one and two stinkers Pretty good ratio I d say Just please no Mexican death cults next time eh folks