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  • First, Learn to Practice
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  • 05 September 2020
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READ å First, Learn to Practice Tom Heany has been involved with music his whole life as a student a teacher a player a writer and yes a practicer for 13000 hours give or take a few For 16 years he was the Director of Programming for the National Music Foundation where he developed and ran the American Music Education Initiative and the Berkshire Music Festival As a contributing editor for the National Guitar Workshop he wrote about musical subjects ranging from the Grammy Awards to Tuvan throatsinging For WorkshopLive NGW's online learning platform he interviewed guitar bass and piano teachers about their views on practicing performing and playing He has created content for online courses in guitar instruction folk music bluegrass and country music and advised the Boy Scouts of America on the reuirements for the Music Merit Badge Tom has als. This book is AMAZINGIt s short it s to the point and it s full of good advice It s worth reading and then rereading over and over until you internalize it It did help me improve my practice which led to improving my playing I ll try to shortly summarize a few key ideasFirst practice should be enjoyable if it s not change it until it is Practice and playing are two different things and they should be approached differently When practicing the focus should be on the movement not the music once the movement is mastered the music will follow It s find to concentrate at one thing in fact improving one thing tends to affect positively everything else And finally during practice you should be training for perfection not barely doing itAnother cool bit that I learned is how to practice tricky passages What I would normally do is start playing just before the passage play it then stop I will repeat this a couple of time Instead I m now doing The Loop I pad the passage with rests if necessary and play it as if it had a repetition sign without breaking time I ve found out that it helps a lot

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READ å First, Learn to Practice Nd off the page But how many students really know how to practice in the first place The answers can be found in Tom Heany's new book First Learn to Practice It is structured in a way that the novice musician who is serious about learning to play can make substantial progress and enjoy the art of practicing while engaged in making music This very basic text is a must have for all music makers who want to build their mental and physical attitudes toward great practice sessions Dr Willie Hill Director of the Fine Arts Center the University of Massachusetts Amherst Tom Heany has developed an approach to mastering a musical instrument that is both simple and effective First Learn to Practice is a must for anyone who is serious about learning to play David Smolover Founder of National Guitar Workshop and WorkshopLiv. Nice little book motivational in its pragmatismI m not actively practicing music but I got a lot of value from this book I ll use these ideas for general learning as I coach my teenage son and keep up with technology myself


READ å First, Learn to Practice O taught guitar performed in the rockabilly band Real Gone arranged the music of George Gershwin and Duke Ellington for solo acoustic guitar and written dozens of songs First Learn to Practice is a book about how to practice a musical instrument any musical instrument It's suitable for all musicians professional amateur student or beginner Whether you play in a concert hall or your own basement First Learn to Practice can show you how to get the most pleasure and the most progress out of your practice time Certainly part of the problem in learning how to play an instrument is the way an individual approaches practicing One must be committed to spending lots of time on eye ear and hand coordination; learning how to listen; learning how to sight read; and having fun during those many hours of conuering notes on a. Highly recommend This is an excellent book that will help anyone approachthink about practicing any instrument simple common sense advice but articulated masterfully I believe he must have applied the same principals to writing this book as he proposes one adopts when practicing music slowly deliberately consciously Perfect