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  • 05 January 2020
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REVIEW ueen of The Hill Knight Games #3 Genevieve Jack ë 1 FREE READ FREE READ Ö ueen of The Hill Knight Games #3 Nd a murder at the Thames Theater leaves everyone reeling over the future of Julius’s vampire coven She’s finally ready to walk down the aisle but first Grateful must face the greatest challenge of her life. Love love love I need Love this series Love the writing Love the characters Please HURRY with book 4

REVIEW ueen of The Hill Knight Games #3ueen of The Hill Knight Games #3

REVIEW ueen of The Hill Knight Games #3 Genevieve Jack ë 1 FREE READ FREE READ Ö ueen of The Hill Knight Games #3 Ks But when the witch responsible for the candle that almost ended Rick's life shows up in Red Grove expecting payment the price is than Grateful can bear To make matters worse Logan is barely speaking to her a. Two words come to mind when I finished this book and the series book hangover I cannot give enough praise to this series of books When I first started reading The Ghost and the Graveyard first installment in the series I was a bit concerned as I thought the book moved way too fast for my liking Luckily as you dive into Genevieve s Knight Games Series you understand whyThis time Grateful Knight is planning her wedding with the love of her life and her caretaker Rick Life is great Grateful has the house of her dreams which just so happens to be her throne she has the love of her life back in her grasp and things at work at going great Nothing could go wrong as the events of their wedding begin to unfold into her happily ever after Unfortunately things couldn t go wrong when the Salem witch Tabetha arrives to collect her debt from Rick Before Grateful had said yes to his marriage proposal the caretaker had given up on ever being with Grateful again Collecting a magic candle that would turn him back into his mortal form from the Salem witch seems to be of an issue than they ever thought possible Grateful s life takes a turn when the murder at Thames Theater leaves them all scratching their headsI don t want to spoil the ending I may have said too much already Be sure to check out the series starting with The Ghost in the Graveyard You won t be disappointed with this outstanding author who takes an aspect of the Salem Witch Trials and puts a clever paranormal adult romance twist on them


REVIEW ueen of The Hill Knight Games #3 Genevieve Jack ë 1 FREE READ FREE READ Ö ueen of The Hill Knight Games #3 It's good to be the ueenBook 3 in The Knight Games SeriesAfter saving her caretaker Rick from certain death Grateful Knight is ready for their happily ever after The date is set and wedding plans are in the wor. I loved the first two books in this and this was no exception Grateful is back and could not be in love with rick but Rick made a big mistake when he made a trade for the candle Tabatha is a witch too and Grateful s sister and she is power hungry and in trade for the candle she wants rick and that dose not go over well with Grateful she tries to bargain with her only to find out Tabitha has sunk her claws into Logan and now Grateful has to find some way to save them both plan a wedding get married and take on her sister as usual Grateful is strong and will not give up her mother told her she may have to let Logan die but she can not except that even though Logan is being mean to her she knows she has to save them all and the vampire coven is missing there leader and she has to take care of that to as if a wedding isn t stressful enough wat is she going to do to make sure she saves them all and uite likely the world to if you have not read the other books in this series get them it is truly a great read and recommend to any who love the paranormal and romance wrapped up in one truly great book